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What assets do Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and his relatives own?

Possessing a fortune of trillions of dong, but most of the assets of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and his relatives come from the amount of shares held in a group of businesses related to FLC Group.

Once one of the wealthiest giants in Vietnam’s stock market, in the heyday of ROS shares (FLC Faros Construction Joint Stock Company) in 2017, Mr. Quyet then owned assets converted to value. market up to 58,500 billion VNDequivalent to more than 2 billion USD converted at the same exchange rate at the same time.

Until now, although this asset has decreased significantly due to the drop in the market price of the shares held by Mr. Quyet, the value of the businessman Trinh’s assets is still up to trillions of dong.

Most assets are stocks

Specifically, by the time of leaving the chairmanship of FLC Group, Mr. Quyet was still the largest shareholder in FLC with more than 215.4 million shares held, equivalent to 30.34% of the group’s capital. With the market price of FLC shares currently at 8,250 VND/unit, the amount of shares held by Mr. Quyet is worth about approx. 1,777 billion VND.

Besides the large number of shares held at FLC, the Vinh Phuc businessman is also the largest shareholder in FLC Asset Management and Mining Investment Joint Stock Company (GAB) with 7.6 million shares held, accounting for 51.09% of the enterprise’s charter capital. With a market price of 196,400 dong/share, the amount of GAB shares held by Mr. Quyet has a market price close to 1,500 billion VND.

At BOS Securities Joint Stock Company (ART), Mr. Quyet personally holds more than 3.1 million shares, equivalent to 3.26% of corporate capital. Temporarily calculated according to the market price of ART shares is 6,700 VND/unit, the amount of these shares contributes about 21 billion dong to the total assets of Mr. Quyet.

At FLC Faros, the business that helped Mr. Trinh Van Quyet topped the list of the richest people on the stock exchange in 2017, he now only holds about 23.7 million ROS shares (4.18%) and is valued at field about 119 billion VND.

Thus, the total value of shares held by Mr. Quyet in listed companies is currently over 3,400 billion VND.

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Provisional valuebillions dong790044001777149511921

In addition, Mr. Quyet also owns a large amount of capital in FLC-related businesses that have not yet been listed.

In which, the most valuable is the number of shares held at Tre Viet Aviation Joint Stock Company (Bamboo Airways). Recently, Mr. Quyet also regularly uses BAV shares, which he personally owns, as collateral for bank loans.

According to a report published in June 2021 to apply for a license to fly directly to the US, Bamboo Airways said that Mr. Trinh Van Quyet is the largest shareholder holding 56.5% of the airline’s shares. In addition, FLC also owns 25.9% of the airline’s capital and FLC Holdings Asset and Capital Management Joint Stock Company, FLC Faros Company hold 6.3% and 5.6% respectively.

In which, FLC Holdings is an enterprise owned by Mr. Quyet with 60.5% of shares held.

By September 2021, Bamboo Airways increased its charter capital from 16,000 billion VND go up 18,500 billion VND. In which, FLC Group reduced its ownership to 21.7% and FLC Faros reduced its ownership to 4.9%.

In case Mr. Quyet does not transact as a group of related companies, this capital increase of Bamboo Airways may reduce his ownership rate in the airline to 49%.

With the valuation of 60,000 VND/share that Bamboo Airways leaders expect when IPO, the amount of BAV shares held by Mr. Quyet has an expected value of about 55,500 billion VND. However, in some credit contracts that Mr. Quyet signed with the bank, the handling price per share of BAV is only 8,500 VND. Thus, the bank’s valuation for the amount of BAV shares held by Mr. Quyet is approximately 7,900 billion VND.

Owning 5 villas in My Dinh

In addition, Mr. Quyet is currently the largest shareholder holding 52.49% of the capital at FLCHomes Real Estate Development Business Investment Joint Stock Company (charter capital). 4,160 billion VND). This real estate company had a plan to register for trading on UPCoM with a reference price of 35,000 VND/share.

However, according to the latest transaction of this stock on OTC, the market price of FHH was only 20,000 VND/share. The amount of Mr. Quyet’s FHH shares is valued at about 4,400 billion VND.

Ong Trinh Van Quyet and other people are compared, but what is the problem?  brother 1

The Ministry of Public Security has requested a temporary halt to the property fluctuations of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and some relatives. Photo: Hoang Ha.

In addition to the large amount of assets from the above shares, Mr. Quyet and his wife, Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Diep, also own 5 villas in My Dinh II New Urban Area (Hanoi). This real estate was used as collateral for a loan 95 billion VND of FLC Group in 2018.

As for Mr. Quyet’s two younger sisters, Ms. Trinh Thi Thuy Nga and Trinh Thi Minh Hue, both of these individuals currently do not hold any shares in FLC and related companies.

In which, Ms. Hue is a member of FLC Group’s Accounting Department, while Ms. Nga is a Deputy General Director cum member of the Board of Directors of BOS Securities Company.

In 2018, Ms. Hue used to own more than 2.2 million shares of ART, but now she has completely divested from this securities company.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nga and her husband, Nguyen Van Manh, currently own a villa BT39-07 with an area of ​​216 m2 in the FLC Sam Son eco-tourism urban area project (Thanh Hoa province). However, this villa sale and purchase contract is also being used as collateral at NCB Hanoi Branch.

Regarding the assets of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and his relatives, recently, the Ministry of Public Security has requested the People’s Committees of provinces and cities to suspend fluctuations (transfer, purchase, sale, donation, donation, pledge transactions). , mortgage) for assets being real estate, shares, contributed capital, shares… of Mr. Quyet – Mrs. Diep, and 2 younger sisters Trinh Thi Thuy Nga and Trinh Thi Minh Hue.

In particular, the investigating agency requested localities to suspend transactions of transfer, purchase, sale, donation, donation, pledge and mortgage of the above properties of Mr. Quyet and the other 3 people. Required documents to be provided by April 15.

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