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What do local authorities say?

Tourists accuse of being cheated while sailing in Hoi An

In the past few days, on TikTok and Facebook, a clip of more than 2 minutes has been spread narrating a trip in Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) of a Tiktoker named diungthy.

According to the content of the clip, one evening, After parking the car outside, this TikToker and a friend moved inside the pedestrian street of Hoi An when they met a man who offered to take a boat to visit the old town for 50,000 VND/person, so they agree.

Tourists accuse of being cheated while sailing in Hoi An: What do local authorities say?  - Photo 1.

On TikTok, the dicungthy account accused of being deceived when sailing on a boat to drop lanterns in Hoi An ancient town

Here, this woman further suggested that if you row across An Hoi Bridge to move to the Cau Chua area, visitors have to pay an additional 50,000 VND. The total trip of two people is 150,000 VND/2 people. Although this price is a bit “expensive”, but until then, the couple still accept it.

However, The frustration reached its peak when they could not go all the way. According to the original agreement, they would be able to take a boat to Cau Pagoda. But when he arrived, the boatman said that the water was high and the wind was strong, so he couldn’t go. At this point, the couple temporarily accepted, but later, they discovered that the other boats were sailing normally. Because they wanted to go to the Covered Bridge, tourists repeatedly offered to be taken away, but the boatman “ignored”.

Worth mentioning, when both tourists disembark and continue to walk, they constantly receive invitations to sail from other vehicle owners and the price offered is much lower than the amount they spent to experience before. that (only 30,000 VND/person).

Angered by spending more money to take a boat to visit the Covered Bridge but not being met, this female tourist posted a clip on social networks and accused herself of being cheated while sailing in Hoi An.

Immediately after, this clip attracted the attention of the online community and received more than 136 thousand interactions, over 1,600 shares and thousands of mixed comments.

Will remind, correct “price turmoil”

Regarding this incident, Mr. Vo Dang Phong – Deputy Head of the Urban Management Department of Hoi An City confirmed that the unit has received information about the clip spreading on this social network and is coordinating with the boat crew. The self-governing swimming pool of Minh An ward is involved in the handling.

According to Mr. Phong, through the preliminary report of the self-managed swimming boat team in Minh An ward, the owner of the boat did not act “tightly” for the price of the boat service to take visitors.

“The key story here is the process of negotiating service between the vehicle owner and the tourist. In this case, the boat owner was wrong to collect an additional 50,000 VND from the guest but did not bring the guest to the place where he was going. introduced earlier”, Mr. Phong said and said that the Urban Management Department and the self-managed swimming boat team in Minh An ward will warn the boat owners accused in the clip.

Tourists accuse of being cheated while sailing in Hoi An: What do local authorities say?  - Photo 2.

Tourists take a boat trip on Hoai River (Hoi An)

Regarding the “price disorder” of boat tours on the Hoai River, causing many tourists to complain, Phong explained, according to the latest regulations, from 1-3 guests, the boat owner collects 150,000 VND on each tour. visit lasted 15 minutes; From 4 to 5 people, the price is 200,000 VND.

“In the past time, some vehicle owners have arbitrarily lowered prices to attract customers and this is completely against the regulations. We will strengthen reminders and corrections”, Phong affirmed.

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