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“When I eat, I live, but when I drink, I die. Who am I?”

Everyone knows that food and water are essential for human life. Your body needs energy from food and hydration from water to function properly. Many systems in your body function optimally with a varied diet and daily water intake. Similarly, with plants, to grow and develop also need nutrients, water, light…

However, there is a very strange “thing” in the puzzle mentioned above: When I eat, I live, but when I drink, I die. Can you think of something so paradoxical?

English quiz: When I eat, I live, but when I drink, I die.  Who I am?  Very few people can answer within 1 minute - Photo 1.


Of course, like hundreds of other trick puzzles, if you think like an animal as usual, you certainly can’t find the answer. The correct answer is: FIRE. You put “food” – firewood, coal, and it lives. As for watering, of course “sleep the garlic” too.

Fire is a high-temperature chemical reaction in which fuel reacts rapidly with an oxidant to produce heat, light, and a variety of products. In other words, fire is not matter, but the interaction of some form of matter (such as hydrocarbons and oxygen) at relatively high temperatures to produce other forms of matter (such as carbon dioxide and water) and energy (heat and light).

When human ancestors discovered and used fire is still a mystery. However, archaeologists from the Hebrew University (Israel) once found a clue about this issue after analyzing flint stones at an archaeological site on the banks of the Jordan River. The results of the above study confirm that human ancestors not only knew how to use fire in life but also had the ability to make fire about 790,000 years ago. Scientists think that making fire was the factor that helped prehistoric people migrate from Africa to the North (present-day Europe). moi-doan-dung-dap-an-in-1-minute-20220416231550388.chn

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