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Young wife in ragged clothes carrying her husband to the emergency room, whispering when she said the reason

Not ‘in love’ in the traditional way, this time they tried a strong feeling through the ‘back door’ but couldn’t do anything, the husband ‘ah’ for an hour and then collapsed…

The young wife panicked, called a taxi, then put on her pajamas and carried her husband to the hospital. Here, when the doctor asked the reason, the young wife blushed and mumbled, explaining the reason why both of them tried anal sex, but the husband was too strong, so he broke down as soon as the love was just beginning to reach its climax. .

Master, Doctor Trinh Kien Cuong, Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, said that penile fracture due to wrong position has also been recorded and can happen. Most common in gay sex or anal sex.

Accordingly, many couples today often use the anus as a way of sex besides the traditional type of relationship through the vagina. Penetration into the anal area will also be more difficult than traditional vaginal sex.

“That’s why when having sex through the anus, it is necessary to be gentle, slow and use lubricating gel (because the anus does not have the same discharge as the vagina) to make sex more convenient.

However, couples also need to have knowledge and understand that when couples have anal sex, the possibility of injury will be higher,” emphasized Master, Doctor Trinh Kien Cuong.

Young wife in ragged clothes carrying her husband to the emergency room, whispering when she said the reason

Explaining the cause of the broken boy, doctor Trinh Kien Cuong said that the broken boy in medicine is known as a cavernous body fracture, in which the cavernous body is two cylinders on either side of the penis filled with blood. when the penis is erect.

The corpus cavernosum is covered by a fibrous capsule called the Albuginea fascia (the white capsule of the cavernous body), when the penis is erect, the white capsule will stretch and thin and can be damaged when there is an external force. Blood will leak out causing large hematoma in the penis, curvature of the penis, difficulty urinating, pain during erection and affect the patient’s sex life later if not treated.

“That’s why, rupture of the cavernous body is common when the penis is erect and can be for the following reasons: Breaking the penis itself (when masturbating); Intercourse in a special position (especially the female position at the top, hastily causing the penis to lose its way); Traffic accidents… Sometimes penile fractures can be found in criminal cases such as rape… Recorded at Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, according to Master, Doctor Trinh Kien Cuong broke his penis mainly. The reason is that the patient breaks his penis himself (during masturbation) and has sex in the wrong position.

Worryingly, most patients and partners are very worried and embarrassed when suffering from such a condition, in some cases because of fear of shame, they do not go to the doctor immediately, resulting in erectile dysfunction later on.

Meanwhile, there are also cases of being subjective and ignorant, so being late to the hospital also causes consequences later on.

“With the development of the media, most patients with penile fracture symptoms go to the doctor and get surgery in time, however, for patients in rural and highland areas, examination is still a problem.

I myself once operated on an ethnic minority patient after breaking his penis 1 week later, before going to the hospital for examination. On admission, the patient was in such pain that he could not walk.

Fortunately, the rupture line is not too complicated and the penis edema is minimal, without causing damage to the urethra. After that, the patient had surgery to remove the hematoma and suture the white weight, now his health is stable, but the erectile condition is not as good as before and is still being treated,” said Dr. Kien Cuong.

According to statistics at male specialist facilities, the emergency situation of penile fracture after sex is quite common, on average, 1-2 cases are recorded every month depending on each facility visiting the hospital for examination and treatment.

Doctor Nguyen Trong Hoang Hiep, who specializes in Andrology at Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, said: “Recorded at Hanoi Hospital of Andrology, each month can receive an average of 2-3 emergency cases. due to penile fracture after sex”.

According to statistical studies around the world, the proportion of men aged between 20 and 30 years old has more frequent penile fractures after sex than those aged 40 and over. Besides, bleeding from brake break, partner biting the genitals… are also accidents that can be encountered when men have sex with their partners.

To avoid having a penile fracture due to sex, Doctor Nguyen Trong Hoang Hiep recommends men to pay attention to a few things:

Stay mentally alert during sex. Do not have sex after using alcohol, stimulants.

Avoid rough sex, rush, should not try new positions, difficult, easy to risk the penis is bent, broken.

The foreplay phase needs to take place slowly, giving enough time for the man and the partner to feel comfortable, and to prepare for the subsequent relationship process.

Especially men when there are signs of penile fracture should go to the doctor and get treatment as soon as possible, avoiding regrettable complications later.

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