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[11h20 ngày 20/4] Coin secret number 17: “There is like no”

The industries that seem to be not easy to measure such as banking, securities … also “struggle on the ground”. Is this “push-up congress” a momentary “sulking” of the market or is it due to some deeper reasons?

It cannot be denied that the market from the beginning of 2021 until now has had more lows than ups with times of lying on the floor, falling points … making investors not eat well and sleep restlessly. The technical analysis, fundamental analysis… also cannot bear the invisible weight of the market. Therefore, there will be a number of investors who choose a dividend investment strategy to protect themselves against the current volatility.

However, investing in dividends is not always possible to avoid dividends. Just by not reading the financial statements carefully or being subjective to a market move, the stock invested in can also produce a poor dividend, not enough to cover the cost to the investor. Even with the “surfing” dividend investment style, a few weeks before the announcement date is finally the time when the witness has to compete with other “swordfish” in the market with many risks. incalculable.

[11h20 ngày 20/4]  Coin secret number 17: Yes or no - Photo 1.

Secret coin number 17 with the theme “Yes or no”

So, in 17 “Secrets of Money” with the theme “Yes or No”, the guests will comment together on the types of dividends, the way to execute the dividend chasing strategy appropriately. , as well as analysis of potential/non-potential dividends of prominent industries such as banking, securities…; Commonly expected stocks like FPT super stock…

No. 17 welcomes familiar presence from reputable names: Host Duong Ngoc Trinh, expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr. X30) – Deputy Director of SSI Securities Investment Advisory and Analysis Center (SSI Research) ) and Editorial Hoang Nam.

“Yes or no” April 20 also had the appearance of a special guest, who has 20 years of personal investment experience in the market and has personally watched the rise and fall of many dividends in the past year. 2 decades: Mr. Tran Tien Dung, Professional Investor, one of the first F0 of the stock market from 20 years ago.

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