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2 young men with weapons broke into the motel room, stealing many properties

Security cameras recorded the entire incident. Specifically, at about 3:30 am on April 18, 2 young men wearing tight black clothes carrying weapons came to the inn. After observing, looking around, one guy broke the door lock and then sneaked inside, the other guy stood guard outside. After a while, the thief took the motorbike out, then closed the door and left.

Clip: 2 young men with weapons sneak into the hostel to steal property

According to Law Newspaper, in addition to the motorbike, the two men also took away a mobile phone and a tablet. Not stopping there, the subjects continued to crack a room at the end of this inn, casually rummage, and stole 2 gold chains, 1 wallet, and 1 mobile phone.

Worth mentioning, at the time of the incident, everyone in the room was sleeping. However, the tenants did not know, until the morning when they woke up, they discovered that their belongings had been stolen.

The victims of the above two rooms are two workers who both live alone, some have just come from the countryside to apply for a job for a few days. It is known that the incident happened at a motel on NH8A street, Thoi Hoa ward, Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province.


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