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7 proper running techniques to help you lose weight fast-Beauty

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 13:00 PM (GMT+7)

If you are looking to run to lose weight or make your body healthier, you should definitely know the following techniques.

1. Keep your head straight

To run properly, you need to keep your head straight on the same axis as your body. This will help prevent neck pain. When the head is upright, the right eye should look straight ahead. Don’t look down at your toes, this can cause runners to unintentionally press their weight on their waist and toes and can cause back pain.

2. Upright body

7 proper running techniques to help you lose weight fast - 1

When running, always keep the runner upright so that the back muscles are straight and the shoulders are comfortable with the movement. Do not raise your shoulders high and do not strain your muscles. It’s also important not to lean forward.

3. Swing your arms parallel to the running track

Swing your arms parallel to the running line by holding your shoulders as a pivot point. At an angle of about 90 degrees, bend your elbows and pull your elbows back. This pose is an alternate arm rotation so that it can work in natural coordination with the legs. While running, relax your hands and stretch your wrists slightly to prevent wrist vibrations.

4. Place your knees and feet correctly

Knees and feet should be placed correctly. Usually a run focuses on speed, you will have to focus on the toes. The running section focuses on distance, you will run on heels. But when running, you can also alternate using your toes and heels. You should choose the method that you are comfortable with first. But be careful not to straighten your knees when running to help reduce shock during running

5. Run with the right posture

7 proper running techniques to help you lose weight fast - 2

Running with the right posture can help reduce injury or symptoms of fatigue. It also increases running efficiency a lot. That keeps you running for long periods of time. And when the body can run for a long time, the body will burn more energy.

6. Don’t force your body to run too fast

Many people will think that running fast will help your body burn more energy than running normally. Therefore, they choose to force their body to run fast, leading to harm. So, if you have just started running, run as fast as you can to keep your body safe.

7. Don’t run too much

Always remember, running too much is not good for your body. This can cause muscle tension and will lead to the body becoming resistant to insulin. This is due to an abnormality in the hormone cortisol, which causes the body to store fat and slow recovery. That is why the muscles are destroyed, the metabolic system will work less. And ultimately it will affect weight loss.

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