Android 13 will provide a lot better gaming performance

According to Mishaal Rahman, the latest Android 13 preview provides a new method in the GameManager API. The new method setGameState will allow the game to announce its current state, letting the user know if the game is loading something or not.

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This method can help speed up game loading by prioritizing CPU usage and providing better overall performance.

Using the new method, games will tell the system whether they should be interrupted or not. This feature can have a direct impact on timing by allowing developers to make system requirements increase CPU performance and not let anything interfere with loading resources, content, etc.

Since resource loading is often what slows the game down the most, this upgrade will greatly improve the overall experience, making for more seamless transitions from one scene or sequence to another.

In addition to setting the game state, Android 13 is also ready to include programmatic shaders in the game, thereby providing developers with more options than the current RuntimeShaders. This will allow developers to create enhanced graphics quality and provide fine-grained control over the game’s look and feel.

If Google officially brings this solution to Android 13, it will help improve gaming performance and provide developers with better game making capabilities.

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