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Boyfriend suddenly announced “I haven’t forgotten my ex-wife”

A lot of love story having conflicts, problems because a person is still attached to the old relationship. But they also want to quit, to move forward. The state of hovering in the middle puts them in a difficult position, sometimes hurting the opponent and themselves. For women alone, if you accidentally encounter people who still linger with your ex, be really alert so as not to suffer disappointments and injuries. It takes a test to see if the other person can be completely serious with us. The case of Y. below is an example.

Boyfriend suddenly announced “I haven’t forgotten my ex-wife” and the girl’s fainting treatment

Y. familiar man It’s been about a year now. She is 27 years old and he is 34 years old. Looking at his appearance, Y. feels this is the mature type, seems very experienced. About her boyfriend’s past, Y. did not study very carefully. She was just a little vague in her heart that maybe he had experienced a marriage stumbling block. Asked many times, but Y. only received the evasive beat. However, the woman still trusts her boyfriend to the fullest and tries to cultivate the relationship.

The boyfriend suddenly announced


Y.’s thought is very clear, she will wholeheartedly give if she deserves it. Y.’s boyfriend also pampered her very much. Sometimes he “disappears” for a few days, but Y. comforts himself that because of his busy work, that’s why. About a few weeks ago, Y. noticed a clear change in her boyfriend. Everything he does is superficial, from texting to hanging out between the two of you. Although the Tet holiday, the two sides promise to consider this year to come to a marriage decision.

And then in a straight question to his boyfriend, Y. received a shockingly honest statement: “I have not forgotten my ex-wife. Actually, I feel like I still miss that family, even though my wife and children are safe now. I feel very confused, I’m sorry if I disappoint you.”

After listening, everything around Y. suddenly darkened, she could hardly imagine that she had to face this. But when sober, rational, Y. decided to use “test” through a message line. She texted the man saying: “Okay, I get it, you need to be alone right now, just think about it.” After that, Y. stopped caring for the guy, didn’t text, call, ask, don’t interact online, don’t send cake or cook for him as usual.

Because in his heart, Y. thinks that now the other party is in a situation where he has not yet determined his feelings for her. If she continues to show concern and clingy, he will take this for granted. Even, he can’t stop missing his ex-wife and hurt Y. Let the man temporarily leave the love of women, he will know what is true love. It is true that Y. is very smart. After 2 weeks, her boyfriend texted apologizing, promising not to let that nostalgia happen.

The boyfriend suddenly announced


Why should women be a little cold in love?

You should remember that, no matter how deep your relationship is, we should sometimes be cold and take a step back. If the other person finds you too passionate about him, they can easily take this affection for granted. They are no longer surging with burning desires, no longer trying to build a relationship. You step back, you can pretend not to love for a moment, both to give the other person a chance to show, and as an objective test of the relationship.

Especially in cases where a man stands between a lot of longing and choices, you should be stronger and decisive, and step back. If you just let them struggle, it will take time, but you will most likely suffer a lot of hurt, torment and big disappointment later. phu-xu-ly-cuc-dinh-20220419125329545.chn

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