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Change yourself by getting out of your comfort zone

I read the article: “A 32-year-old girl sometimes thinks less than a 12-year-old”, and saw my previous image in it.

I realized, it turns out that there are people like me, I’m not too different, those emotional states can happen to anyone. I used to be like the author of the article, feeling so useless and lonely in my family. I live like a shadow because of the guilt that I am not as good and as good as everyone in my family. Since then, I have been born with a feeling of inferiority, depression, not doing anything, seeing that no one understands me and it is true that the whole world seems to have no place of its own.

There are times when I wish I could be as talented, skillful and quick as my brothers and sisters or the people I have met in my life. At that time, I didn’t know, the people I was expecting were like them, they also had their own sufferings, difficulties or certain confidants, it was just that they couldn’t show it and tried to overcome it. I half wanted to be a better person, to get out of the negative feeling, and half to enjoy that security and protection. So I just tormented myself but refused to do anything to change. After all the negative emotions surrounded me, I couldn’t stand it and determined to change. I moved out to live despite my family’s disapproval, people were afraid of me being cheated and it is true that I was deceived.

The first time I went out to live, I felt like I could breathe. Although I lived with my family before, I was still loved by everyone but didn’t understand me, and was a bit forced because I thought it was the best thing for me. I started doing what I wanted: going to work in the morning, taking extra classes at night, running a small coffee shop with my friends. This shop later had to close due to a loss but it was a great experience for me. My family is very angry, but I still spend time visiting them on weekends, every time I come back like this, they see that I am still alive, so my anger is gone, everything is back to normal.

>> I changed my life by knowing how to change myself

When you are completely independent, push yourself to take the initiative, then you have to change to adapt. There will be certain disappointments and difficulties, but it is worth taking the initiative in life. You get to experience more, stumble more and most importantly be yourself. Suddenly there comes a time when you feel like just being yourself, improving yourself every day to be the best version of yourself, without having to compare yourself to anyone.

After that three-year period, I am still the same, not as good as the people I dreamed of before. But for me it doesn’t matter anymore. The important thing is that I am more confident, happier, happier and able to handle my problems on my own, as well as trying a little bit every day to be better. There is one more thing, since I go out to live, there are many people willing to help, I think partly due to luck and being honest myself. Therefore, do not blame yourself when you feel that you are too honest to face injustice. Let’s take honesty as the root, in the process of tripping and experiencing, we will know how to adjust the “honesty” to the best fit. One thing’s for sure, being honest never brings bad things to yourself.

I want to write a couple of lines to all of you who are in the same mood as I was before. I understand your mood, those feelings are normal, as long as you try and have the courage to change, everything will be fine. Everyone has a different situation, so I don’t know the best way, just want to share how I used to do it. Hope you find the best version of yourself.


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