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Europe launches a support package to “cool down” energy prices

Summer is usually the main business of the year for swimming pools. However, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, dozens of swimming pools are about to close because they cannot balance revenues and expenditures.

“We will close this week. Why? Because we want to save money on electricity and gas. Closing is not a good solution, but it still saves us 10,000 – 15,000 euros.” Mr. Roberto Carboni, Director of the Municipal swimming pool, Italy, shared, “In September 2021, we only had to pay half a euro per square meter.3 gas, now up to 1.5 Euro. This increases the total annual cost from 200,000 euros to 450,000 euros.”

Europe launched a support package to

High energy prices are affecting all economic activities in Europe. (Artwork – Photo: The Day)

On April 18, the governments of four European countries: Italy, Germany, France and Spain simultaneously announced a support package worth 80 billion euros, equivalent to 86 billion USD, to reduce negative impacts. from price energy high. The main measures are tax cuts or subsidies on electricity, gas and gasoline cars.

The French government subsidizes 0.15 euros per liter of gasoline in the transport industry from now until July. Meanwhile, Germany launched a financial package to cut 0.3 euros per liter of gasoline and 0.14 euros per liter. liters of diesel.

For Italy and Spain, aid packages worth 22 billion euros will come into effect this month and last for three months to cool down the energy market.

Analysts say that energy prices will be a burning issue in Europe for a long time to come as countries in the region are still struggling to find alternative sources of energy imported from Russia.

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