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Europe seeks energy solutions in Africa

Africa has abundant gas reserves. (Photo: Deutsche Welle)

Specifically, the EU’s third largest economy, Italy, has reached an agreement with Algeria to increase natural gas imports. The Italian energy company Eni also signed an agreement with Joint Stock Company gas Egypt’s state-owned natural gas exports to Europe.

The Italian prime minister is due to travel to Central and South Africa this week with potential deals in the Republic of Congo and Angola. According to Bloomberg, the above agreements could help Italy replace more than half of its oil supply from Russia as early as 2023.

Europe is struggling with energy issues as gas prices continue to soar, partly due to the economy recovering from the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, partly due to the outbreak of tensions between Russia and the US. Ukraine.

The European Union (EU) has continuously introduced economic sanctions against Russia, in which the 5th package of sanctions related to coal has made Europeans worried that there will be no fuel for heating. in the coming winter if the EU intends to continue punish Russia by new measures related to oil and gas.

Europe seeks energy solutions in Africa - Photo 1.

A Russian oil refinery in the Armur region. (Photo: TASS/VNA)

Facing this situation, Belgium has launched a propaganda campaign for people about energy saving consciousness. With the slogan “Use energy wisely”, the Belgian Government recommends that people save gas and fuel by reducing heating loads and limiting the use of personal cars.

In France, the authorities also plan to conduct rotational cuts in gas sources for large consumers.

On the union level, Europe is looking for possible solutions to energy autonomy based on the level of demand for natural gas and the ability to self-produce. In mid-March, the European Commission (EC) released a report highlighting an ambitious strategy to make up for the shortfall. The strategy is based on renewable energy, changing consumer behavior and diversifying natural gas supplies.

Currently, the EU’s gas supply is mainly from Russia. In 2020, Europe consumes a total of 394 billion m3 natural gas, of which Russia provides 142 billion m3. According to European countries, the consumption of natural gas by country is very different.

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