Frustrated with future mother-in-law’s requests

I work for a limited salary, my future mother-in-law keeps asking questions and pretending to forget like this, I guess I can’t bear the burden.

I’m so sad here, sisters. It’s not that I have lover it’s been 1 year now. The two are also compatible, so they have considered getting married.

My boyfriend also brought me home to debut, the future mother-in-law has a childish temperament, so she always has to choose according to her will. Especially my boyfriend’s mother is very fond of cosmetics, lipsticks, lotions…

The boyfriend again introduced to his mother that she is very connoisseur in cosmetics. It’s true that I work in the cosmetics field, so I know a lot, not that I use a lot. So my boyfriend suggested to his mother to ask her to help buy cosmetics.

My boyfriend’s mother always told me: “If you agree, that’s great, just buy it and I’ll send you money, don’t worry about it”. At that time, I also thought that this was the best way to win the hearts of my parents, maybe it would be easier to live later.

After debuting at her boyfriend's house for the first time, the future bride-to-be struggled with fear-1

But things are not as simple as I thought. My boyfriend’s mother texted me a couple of times a month to ask me to buy that cream, that lipstick. But you don’t use cheap stuff, a bottle of skin cream is 3 million, a serum bottle is up to 2 million.

I brought it home, the first time she told me to pay but she didn’t give it. My boyfriend also sat quietly playing video games and considered it my business with his grandmother. Should I mention it again? The ice cream jars also cost me half a month’s salary, nothing more. At that time, I just told my heart to consider it as an investment.

But the second time, the third time to buy for her, she still didn’t see her pay. Boyfriend didn’t even mention it. I tried to refuse wisely, but my boyfriend’s mother took the initiative to pay 200,000 for the masks. Millions of money did not pay, when there were hundreds of thousands of silver, they demanded to be paid back.

I go to work, my salary is limited, at this rate, I can’t bear it. In your opinion, should I tell my boyfriend about this and not continue to buy cosmetics anymore, if I buy it, do I have to pay?

But I’m afraid that after I say it, my boyfriend will think I’m short-sighted, calculate and then break up?

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