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Funding for planning, not letting group interests take advantage

Recently, the Ministry of Construction has sent a document to the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities on strengthening the management of urban planning and construction planning.

The Ministry asked the People’s Committees of provinces and cities to strengthen directing their attached agencies and units to strictly comply with regulations on funding for urban planning and construction planning in accordance with the law.

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The funding for planning is voluntary, unconditional, not for the benefit of the donor, affecting the common interests of the community, society and not associated with investor selection.

The use of funding for planning must ensure compliance with the law on planning, urban planning and construction; legislation on state budget and other relevant laws.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Construction, the implementation of urban planning projects, construction planning funded by organizations and individuals must ensure compliance with legal regulations on responsibilities and authority. and the order and procedures for organizing the formulation, appraisal and approval according to the provisions of the Law on Construction and the Law on Urban Planning.

“The People’s Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities are responsible for ensuring that the funding for planning is voluntary, unconditional, not for the benefit of the donor to affect the common interests of the community. , society as well as transparency in the process of making, appraising and approving the planning and is not associated with the selection of investors”, emphasized the Ministry of Construction.

The Ministry also stated: The selection of investors to implement construction investment projects according to the approved planning must comply with the provisions of the law on investment and business. real estate, land and other relevant laws; not to take advantage of self-seeking, group interests, etc. to ensure openness, transparency and fairness.

The Ministry proposed the People’s Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities to review and develop planning plans, make a list of urban planning projects, construction planning and funding plans from the state budget as a basis. to proactively arrange funding for planning in the area according to the provisions of Article 5 of Decree No. 44/2015 of the Government. At the same time, continue to strictly implement the tasks assigned by the Prime Minister in Directives No. 05, Decision No. 1398, Resolution No. 119…

The Ministry of Construction also said that on the basis of the content of reports of localities, the Ministry will summarize and report to the Government on implementation results.

Previously, in May 2021, at a meeting with the Ministry of Construction on the performance of the sector’s tasks, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh pointed out 8 limitations and weaknesses of the construction industry. According to the Prime Minister, institutions, mechanisms and policies still have many shortcomings; need to boldly decentralize and decentralize with innovative thinking.

Regarding planning, the Prime Minister assessed that some results have been achieved but have not been implemented in a methodical and orderly manner, “not ingrained in the subconscious of the leader”, both in terms of ideology. zoningplanning space, planning efficiency, planning orientation.

The Prime Minister requested that the planning must be commensurate with the economic and cultural development and the level and capacity of the country and the trend of the times. Planning must have a long-term vision, have layers, and overcome the disadvantages. Architectural planning must be respected, raised higher and changed perception for the whole system.

In particular, the Prime Minister emphasized that the planning work must definitely be held by the state, not assigned to enterprises to do the planning. The planning work must be towards the goal of developing production and business, thereby attracting population and developing the real estate sector, urban development.

“If the planning is only concerned with housing construction, the imbalance between supply and demand, does not develop production and business, it will waste social resources,” the Prime Minister pointed out.

The Prime Minister also requested to overcome the overlap in planning, the inadequacies in planning changes. He mentioned many specific examples of disrupting the planning causing overloaded infrastructure in some urban areas.

Talking at the meeting with the Ministry of Construction, Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Tran Van Son also noted about planning issues.

“Avoiding the situation that the construction of a city is very strict, but it is simply adjusted at the request of the investor, disrupting the general planning, putting pressure on the infrastructure, and people disagreeing.” Minister emphasized.

Exchange with PV VietNamNet In this regard, Mr. Le Hoang Chau – Chairman of HoREA also said that the construction planning has a strict order and procedures, the approval agency is very strict, but the transformation and adjustment of the planning sometimes only In some industries and localities, it can be adjusted, so this is an inadequacy.

“Adjustment of project planning, adjustment of land use planning must also have a reason, not an adjustment according to the interests of the investor. The investor has the right to propose the adjustment of the planning, but the management agency, the local government, if there is not enough information, if the major adjustment changes the situation of planning adjustment, it is clear that experts must be invited to respond. defend” – Mr. Chau asked.

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tai tro lap quy hoach khong dieu kien khong de loi ich nhom truc loi 13efd94e4b19417dbef83bad9d53de19Prime Minister: Prohibit group interests, land corruption

The Prime Minister directed to urgently collect opinions on the proposal for allocation of land use quotas, and submit them to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision before February 15, in accordance with Resolution No. 39/2021 of the National Assembly, prohibiting profit group interests, land corruption.

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