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Hanoi: Large displacement vehicle had a terrible accident, 1 person was killed

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 21:23 PM (GMT+7)

The functional forces are investigating and clarifying the accident between 2 motorbikes in Cau Giay, Hanoi, causing 1 death.

On the evening of April 19, according to information from Traffic Police Team No. 2 – Traffic Police Department (Hanoi City Police), after receiving information about the accident on the elevated ring road 2, the section through Nghia Do ward (Cau Giay). ) the unit was present to protect the scene, divert traffic.

Accordingly, at about 2pm on the same day, the man driving a large displacement vehicle in the direction from Vo Chi Cong Street to Cau Giay when going to the exit of T11 bridge, Ring Road 2, collided with motorbike SH.

“The collision resulted in the death of the driver of the large displacement vehicle. As for the man driving the SH, it’s okay,” said the representative of Traffic Police Team No.

According to the clip recording the scene of the accident shared on the Oto+ group, after the accident, a lot of people stood to watch the incident. At the scene, the large displacement vehicle was badly damaged, deformed, and was located under the right guardrail. The Honda SH car was lying on the road, nearby the accident victim was lying motionless.

“The accident is being received and clarified by the Investigation Team of the Cau Giay District Police”, a representative of the Traffic Police Team No. 2 said.

Previously, on the social network Facebook shared the same-way accident between a large displacement motorcycle and a SH motorbike, causing 1 death. Information was shared that the man driving a large displacement vehicle traveling at high speed crashed into the rear of a SH motorcycle moving in the same direction.

Although the truth of the above information is not clear, after the image of the accident was posted online, it attracted the attention of the public, most people came to offer condolences to the deceased victim and hope that the authorities would take action. clear cause of the accident.

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