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How AI is changing the lives of Vietnamese people?

The continuous development of technology in the country has brought AI that thought it only appeared in science fiction movies to creep into the daily lives of Vietnamese people. Users can now command the Kiki assistant to assist with useful tasks by voice easily.

Modern life, especially people living in urban areas will probably spend the most time in 3 places. First at home, second at work, and finally on the street. Driving sometimes takes up a lot of time, maybe because of the distance or traffic jams. With the support of smart technology such as AI (artificial intelligence), moving becomes a time to rest or recharge, even enlist to work.

Smart and convenient life

On a busy road that is now out of work, Pham Phuong Duy (living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) steers to the right while saying “Find your way to Calmette Bridge”. Just then, a gentle female voice spoke up: Showing the way to Calmette Bridge. The map was immediately opened automatically, leading him to the requested place.

“I am completely focused on driving, everything else is left to Kiki to do. Kiki always shows me the shortest way“- Mr. Duy smiled.

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Kiki supports directions on Google Maps application

For nearly a year, voice assistant Kiki has accompanied Duy in a familiar car. Not only Mr. Duy, millions of people across the country are also asking for Kiki’s help in their daily activities.

As a regular driver, Mr. Tran Gia Phong (living in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) shared: “Kiki’s voice is very standard, not only easy to listen to but also friendly, likeable, imagining a real person responding, not a machine” – Mr. Phong said.

Previously, like many other users, although he appreciated controlling tasks by voice in the car, Phong could not find an assistant that brought the convenience as desired. Most voice assistants of foreign origin do not understand Vietnamese or lack the advantage of native content sources. Moreover, not everyone can use English to communicate with the voice assistant. It was not until the Vietnamese assistant Kiki was born that car users could experience smart tasks in the car comfortably and conveniently.

Safer driving journey

Launched at the end of 2020, the voice assistant Kiki, developed by engineer Zalo AI, initially only supports luxury cars with screens and connects to the Zing MP3 application via Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Around mid-2021, users of old car models received good news when Kiki was integrated by two smart screen manufacturers, Gotech and Zestech, integrated on all products. The installation and use of Kiki is easier and easier when users of old cars only need to buy a screen to install it, and immediately a regular car can perform many smart tasks that are considered special. rights in high-end product lines.

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At the end of 2020, the Kiki assistant was first launched at the Zalo AI Summit event

Kiki appeared on the car and shortened the language barrier, changing the habits of local users. From having to use each swipe on a phone or car screen to control tasks, drivers now only need to give Kiki voice commands.

“Now that I get in the car, I hardly touch my phone or screen anymore. Using a lot of familiarity, I just press the microphone button on the steering wheel and then read the command to Kiki to open the map, play music, find information.” – Ms. Pham Kim Anh (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) shared.

Providing a rich source of entertainment content from the Zing MP3 music application, users can ask Kiki to play music by song title, artist name, album name, lyrics… by voice. In addition, in the car, the person holding the steering wheel can also command this assistant to read the news, open the camera, control the air conditioner, look up the latest information …

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Screen company with 70% market share Zestech integrates Kiki assistant and expects to increase 500 agents in 2022

At the end of last year, the further development of the Kiki Auto app by Zalo AI made it possible for popular android screens on the market to freely download and use Kiki. In addition, through bluetooth connection, old cars (without screens), through the double next button can also execute commands with Kiki.

Immerse yourself in daily life

In a simple little house, Mrs. Pham Thi Ngoc Xuan, a retired teacher (living in Cai Rang District, Can Tho City) plays bolero music while looking after the grocery store. Pointing at the screen, she said: Press Click this button and say you can play music, any music will work.”

Knowing that many times when the whole family went to work, the mother wanted to find someone to play the music, to transfer the song, she had to rely on the inconvenient neighbors, her son Xuan taught her how to find music with her voice. Thanks to that, Ms. Xuan now wants to open any song, find the artist’s name, her favorite music genre, she can do it herself.

In the past, we often thought that controlling machines through voice only appeared in science fiction movies and AI was a rather strange technology, far from being put into practice. However, today, a baby or old man anywhere in Vietnam can use artificial intelligence easily.

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Kiki now has millions of users on the Zing MP3 app

After successfully developing the Kiki assistant at the end of 2018, Zalo AI engineers quickly integrated it into the Zing MP3 music player app. Currently, millions of users of this application are using Kiki artificial intelligence for basic tasks such as opening music, adjusting volume and looking up some useful information such as gold price, dollar price, information artist…

Kiki’s appearance is a clear proof that AI is quietly creeping into Vietnamese life, making everyday activities more convenient and easier. The diversity in approach, from appearing on smart car screens, Zing MP3 applications, developing separate apps for android screens… partly helps Kiki quickly become more popular in life. Many people expect that in the near future, Kiki can be directly integrated in cars and smart home devices such as televisions, speakers…

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