How do I know if I have been issued a vaccine passport or not?

According to the Ministry of Health, as of April 18, only the updated PC-COVID application has the ability to view vaccine passports. Therefore, to check whether a vaccine passport has been issued, users need to download the PC-COVID application, then enter personal data (phone number / email) to receive an OTP code. Next, you enter the OTP code and select the 4 circle icon to the right of the “scan QR” button. Finally, you go to the vaccine passport section to receive the vaccine passport certification information.

You can search on the website of the Ministry of Health by entering four information: Full name; Date of birth; sex; citizen identity card/people’s identity card; The latest injection date, then declare your personal email to receive your passport.

How do I know if I have been issued a vaccine passport or not?  - first

Electronic vaccine passports are issued to citizens, displayed through the PC-COVID application. (Photo:

In case you do not have a vaccine passport, users can apply for it by visiting the passport page COVID-19 vaccine Electronic: The website of the Ministry of Health has not registered for an SLL security certificate, so it will be blocked when using some browsers. To enter the page, the user opens advanced options and chooses to continue visiting the link. The process of applying for a vaccine passport will include 4 steps:

– Prepare personal information: Full name, ID card/CCCD, Date of last injection, Email.

– Fill in the form on the website: Full name, ID card/CCCD, Date of last injection, Email.

– Press the Submit button: Information will be sent to the system for checking and approval.

– Get a COVID-19 vaccine passport: You will receive a vaccine passport COVID-19 as a QR Code if the system already has enough of your vaccination information. You can print or save your passport to your computer.

Conditions to be issued a vaccine passport

According to the Information Technology Department (Ministry of Health), in order to be granted a passport for the COVID-19 vaccine, people should note the following conditions:

– Persons who have been vaccinated and are vaccinated by the vaccination facility enter data into the system, check the information on the application of the Electronic Health Book. Information must be accurate, properly authenticated with the National Database on Population.

– Cases with incorrect or missing vaccination information will not be issued a vaccine passport. In this case, this person needs to contact the vaccination facility to supplement, update it directly or report it to the Immunization Portal (

– People need to accurately declare information when getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vaccine passports will be displayed on the application No Health electronics, PC-COVID or when people look up on the website of the Ministry of Health.

To look up, people need to declare information including full name, date of birth, gender, citizen identification number or personal identification number, date of last injection, email. Here, residents who do not use smart mobile phones can register to receive information via email and print it into hard copy for use.

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