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How to delay updating Windows 11

If you are annoyed with the automatic Windows 11 update feature, users can delay the update by following these tips.

Depends on how long you want to delay the update Windows 11users will have choices from simple (short-term) to advanced (long-term) as follows.

Suspend updates (short term)

  • Click the window icon, select Settings (shortcut: Windows + I);
  • Open Windows Update;
  • In the section More optionsfind Pause updates;
  • Choose Pause for 1 week to suspend updates for 1 week, Pause for 2 weeks to suspend for 2 weeks and Pause for 3 weeks for a 3 week break.

Windows 11 allows to suspend updates for 1-3 weeks

screenshot/windows central

To reactivate the update before the selected expiration, repeat step 1 and step 2, then press the button Resume Updates.

Block updates for longer

To be able to block updates for longer, users can find a way to interfere more deeply into the system’s services (services).

  • Press the key combination Windows + CHEAP;
  • In the Run dialog box, type services.msc and press OK;

Launch services.msc

screenshot/windows central

  • In the window Servicesscroll down to find Windows Update and double click on it;
  • In the section Startup typeopen the list and select Disabled;
  • Choose OKthen reboot (restart) the device.

However, this is still not a radical solution, because in some cases updates will still install themselves when the user restarts the device.

Suspend updates – “need” solution for stability

Updates of Windows 11, okay Microsoft scheduled or urgent releases, keeping users always up to date with the latest features and security patches.

In rare cases, Windows updates can fail, and the above trick can help “lucky” users delay updates to avoid unexpected problems.

So, every time Microsoft releases a new update, delay updating Windows 11 according to this trick, learn from the “pioneering” if there are any errors, and then proceed with the update.

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