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How to treat cough for babies at home without drugs for mothers

There are two main types of cough in babies, including: dry cough (when your baby has a cold or allergies) and productive cough (when your baby has a respiratory tract accompanied by a bacterial infection). While a dry cough helps clear up postnasal drip or irritation from a sore throat, a productive cough occurs when sputum or mucus forms in your baby’s airways.

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How to treat cough for babies without medicine. (Illustration)

In addition, there are some other cases of whooping cough, which is similar to a cold but the coughs get worse and worse, especially at night. When a baby has whooping cough, the sound will sound like a hiss, the cough causes difficulty breathing and the baby’s face turns purple due to lack of oxygen.

Babies under 4 months old don’t have a lot of coughs, so it’s important to have a cough. In particular, if newborn baby often in winter, it could be due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) – a dangerous viral infection for babies. As your baby gets older than 1 year, coughs are less noticeable and they are usually caused by a cold.

How to treat newborn cough at home under 6 months old

Basically, how to treat a cough for a 1-month-old infant, how to treat a cough for a 2-month-old infant, how to treat a cough for a 3-month-old infant, how to treat a cough for a 4-month-old infant, how to treat it. Cough for 6-month-old babies is the same because the babies are still young and are advised not to take the medicine. Take medicine when the measures of care are not effective and prescribed by the doctor.

On the market today, there are still many cough medicines for children under 2 months old without a doctor’s prescription, which will cause many dangerous side effects, even death.

According to the experience of treating cough for babies, these are the measures that mothers can apply to treat cough and reduce cough for babies at home:

Use physiological saline

With symptoms of cough accompanied by stuffy nose, runny nose and difficulty, it will make the child not sleep well. Using physiological saline will reduce the mucus in the nose, help clear and help the respiratory tract no longer swell. Thus, when coughing, the child will easily expel the sputum.

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How to treat cough in babies at home. (Illustration)

Use tea tree oil

Mothers can use cajeput oil to help children get rid of coughs. First, put a few drops of cajeput essential oil, gently rub it on your hands, and then rub it all over the child’s body in places such as the back, chest, and neck to help keep the baby’s body warm. Melaleuca oil will help clean and clear the respiratory system in children. In addition, the mother can also put a little cajeput oil into the baby’s bath water.

In the process of bathing, children will inhale the aroma from cajeput oil and ensure cleanliness, eliminating bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Besides, cajeput oil also has the ability to irritate the nasal mucosa to form mucus and then expel them. Your child will cough less thanks to this process.

In addition, when sleeping, use cajeput oil to keep your feet warm, focusing on the toes, the deepest position to help melaleuca oil promote its full effect.

Do a lot of breastfeeding mother milk

Water will help thin mucus in the nose as well as the respiratory tract. Normally, in order to thin the mucus of the respiratory tract, we need to drink a lot of water. However, for infants under 6 months of age with cough, we should give them breast milk or formula to help strengthen resistance and increase immunity.

Elevate your baby’s head while sleeping

Elevating the child’s head will make breathing easier, helping the child reduce coughs. You can raise the pillow or towel a little higher so that the baby’s head is elevated, making it easier to breathe when coughing.

Always keep moisture in the air

Moist air plays a very active role in alleviating cough irritation, helping children breathe easier. Please use a humidifier in your baby’s bedroom at night.

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How to treat a cough for a 6 month old baby. (Illustration)

In which case, it should be given infant cough go to the doctor?

Not every newborn with a cough needs to be examined by a doctor, most symptoms will gradually resolve on their own. However, when the cough is accompanied by the following signs, parents need to take the child to the emergency room promptly:

– The baby has stopped breathing and has signs of cyanosis in the lips, around the lips.

– Baby is tired and struggling to breathe.

– The child has a cough accompanied by vomiting.

Baby feels uncomfortable when breathing.

Baby has drooling, difficulty swallowing, coughing and wheezing.

Note when treating cough for babies

– Do not use cough medicine, antibiotics when the child is sick, making the baby’s immune system weakened.

– Do not arbitrarily stop the child from using the drug (if prescribed by the doctor). Stopping the drug not only makes the cough not completely cured, but also makes the disease turn worse, which can cause drug resistance.

– Supplement adequate nutrition for babies through breast milk (for babies exclusively breastfed), formula milk (for babies using formula milk).

Coughing in babies under 6 months is not uncommon, so parents need to stay calm and follow the instructions to help them stay healthy. However, infants with cough are very susceptible to lower respiratory tract complications such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis or pneumonia, …

Therefore, family members should not be subjective, need to monitor at home such as counting breathing, observing the chest, vomiting, so take the baby to the hospital clinic so that the doctor can properly diagnose the baby’s illness and treat. suitable.

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