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Kaspersky moves data processing to Switzerland

Kaspersky has expanded the scope of moving threat-related data, including user data in Latin America and the Middle East, to a processing center located in Switzerland.

These measures reflect the company’s continued commitment to greater transparency, implemented as part of the Global Transparency Initiative (GTI).

Kaspersky has just made the transfer of processing data to Switzerland


By launching GTI in 2017, Kaspersky established a benchmark for digital trust and became the first cybersecurity vendor to make its source code available for review.

Specifically, since March 2022, Kaspersky has processed and stored malicious and suspicious files received from users in Latin America and the Middle East to data processing centers in Switzerland. Previously, the relocation of this data store has been completed for Europe, North America and some Asia-Pacific countries.

Swiss data centers offering world-class facilities world adheres to industry-leading standards so the company’s users can be confident in the security of their data.

In addition, Kaspersky has achieved ISO 27001 certification issued by the independent certification body TÜV AUSTRIA, an internationally recognized applicable security standard. In addition to the audit passed in 2020, this time the scope of certification is even extended and now includes not only the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) system for secure storage and access to malicious files. malicious and suspicious (known as KLDFS), but also includes the KSN System for statistical processing (known as the KSNBuffer database).

Conformity with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – internationally recognized as the applicable security standard and industry best practice – is at the core of Kaspersky’s approach to deployment and management information security.

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