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Le Tu Chinh “speed queen” from bare feet

Overcoming adversity

Le Tu Chinh

Le Tu Chinh overcame difficulties to affirm his talent.

Le Tu Chinh had an unhappy childhood when he was born in a difficult family, in a poor hamlet in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Just 6 years old, Chinh lost her dear mother, she grew up with the love and care of her father and two older sisters.

Le Tu Chinh

Le Tu Chinh was awarded the Outstanding Young Citizen of Ho Chi Minh City 2016.

But meeting coach Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong changed the life of this 1997-born girl.

When looking for potential factors for Ho Chi Minh City athletics in 2008, Coach Thanh Huong saw that the 5th grade girl at Tuy Ly Vuong Primary School (District 8) had dark skin and bare feet running in class. exercise.

Coach Thanh Huong “finished” Tu Chinh when he saw in this girl the special qualities and determination shown in every step.

Le Tu Chinh

Tu Chinh’s success is due to the great contribution of coach Thanh Huong.

Le Tu Chinh – “Queen of speed”

7 years later, she surprised everyone when she won the women’s 200m gold medal at the 2015 Asian Youth Athletics Championships. Since then, the name Le Tu Chinh from unknown has become famous and received many expectations to replace Vu Thi. Huong at the speed track.

And just 2 years later at the 29th SEA Games in Malaysia, Chinh showed that she is the most worthy successor to the title of “speed queen”.

She won a double gold medal in the women’s 100m and 200m content, then with her teammates won the women’s 4x100m gold medal and broke the SEA Games record. At the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines, Tu Chinh defeated the naturalized athlete of the host Kristiana Marie Knott to win the women’s 100m gold medal, asserting herself as the “speed queen”.

Le Tu Chinh

The moment Tu Chinh reached the finish line to win the women’s 100m gold medal at the 30th SEA Games in 2019.

Sticking with his students through many ups and downs, coach Thanh Huong shared: “When Tu Chinh knew he would have to face strong opponents, he practiced non-stop.

Tu Chinh is very quiet and quiet. She does more than talk. She listens to people’s words of encouragement and sees it as a motivation to give herself strength.”

Le Tu Chinh

Le Tu Chinh from a barefoot running girl to a “speed queen”

Every step on the running track is always the expression of youthful aspirations, the pride of the nation with a red flag with a yellow star on his chest, Chinh is young and has to strive a lot to bring glory to his body. home sport.

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