Logitech calls, GenZ universities respond

Meet in person, Logitech invites Gen Z into the “You Defy” journey

On this April 19, 21, 22, the students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, University of Social Sciences & Humanities and University of Industry respectively challenged themselves, skillfully mixed music in the DJ Pop Keys game, and played roles. pose “cool” at Logitech’s booth.

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Logitech product experience corner and “Immersive” DJ

Before class, in the schoolyard, groups of young people stopped and experienced the “unique” mechanical keyboarding song, under the guidance of DJ Forte, some students participated. playing the “keyboard” mix for the first time and received enthusiastic cheers from other students and won extremely “exciting” and “fierce” votes in the schoolyard. Check-in activities with available accessories are going on, it’s easy for young people to transform into DJs in their own way, try composing music on POP Keys and pose with products. by Logitech.

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Turn into DJ POP Keys with Logitech

Before. Logitech has made an impression at 3 big competitions for students: “X-Leader” – a playground to explore the leadership potential of the Business Administration Club of Foreign Trade University, “Youpreneur Launchpad” contest – a development program Student startup ideas of Foreign Trade University students and the “Race For Knowledge” English academic contest organized by students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

Logitech TVCs made an impression at SV . shows

In all the events that took place, students watched the TVC of the program with the message You Defy and knew that this series of activities was part of the brand’s campaign of the same name. A leading brand of electronic accessories in the world has brought a fire to help students gain insight into things called “main”.

Click. Type. Mouse scroll. These are extremely familiar actions repeated in student life. It seems that despite being “defined” as a computer accessory, the mouse or keyboard always plays an effective role beyond normal logic. And Logitech, a Swiss technology company says: challenge Logic, challenge tools, challenge expectations… to create your own journey. Journey that: it’s you who defy.

What do Gen Z think of the show “You Defy”?

“Strange and thrilling” are two words that describe the feeling of a student at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City when watching TVC shown during Information Day. “I really didn’t know I was watching a campaign message from a company about electronic accessories. Defy Tools. Defy Expectation. Defy Logic, made me think. Perhaps more or less, this inspiration I will help me reflect on my journey in the past and prepare for the future.”

See more TVCs and say “YES” to the “You Defy” journey at Logitech’s Fanpage.

“When you go to college, you have to prepare yourself with the tools you need to develop yourself and connect with the world, and Logitech has been inspired to change conventional logic, to create new new journey,” said Anh Thu – a first-year student at Foreign Trade University.

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Logitech POP Keys experience corner and Studio Series desk mats

“I felt goosebumps when watching this TVC, a part of me in that story. Somehow the brand understood the thoughts and thoughts of young people pursuing passions like me. ” – Thanh, studying Graphic Design at FPT Arena shared. “I have loved drawing and designing since I was a child, it is true that when I was a child, the passion of children was unstoppable, but when I grew up, especially from high school, I encountered many barriers when everyone Everyone said that it was easy to get a job in Economics, it was only logical to choose to study it.In 2 years 11 and 12, I had to think very carefully and struggle until finally, I realized that I was the one who decided to get a job. Of course, it took a lot of my time to realize this. I hope Logitech can convey the message to many young people who are still entangled in brave, common logic. DEFY – challenge like Xeo Chu, Nam Bao, Bao Ngoc and create new values, like in Logitech TVC.”


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