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Lots of conflicting opinions

According to the Draft Regulations College entrance 2022 has just been announced by the Ministry of Education and Training to collect comments, many major changes of this year’s enrollment season related to enrollment registration time, general virtual filtering…

Dr. Tran Khac Thac, Deputy Head of Training Department, University of Water Resources, said that these changes are aimed at increasing the autonomy and responsibility of schools. At the same time, they also unify the control and supervision of the Ministry during the entrance examination, increasing transparency and fairness for candidates.

Mr. Thac gives an example, Article 18 about organizing early registration and admission by other methods. This year, schools are not allowed to ask candidates to confirm admission earlier than the general plan of the Ministry; but only announce and update qualified candidates on the system. Candidates who have applied to schools by early admission method still have to register their aspirations on the system, and be recognized as matriculating according to the highest aspirations.

The Ministry of Education and Training virtualizes admissions nationwide: Many opinions are mixed - 1

Candidates taking part in the high school graduation exam. (Artwork: HC)

After having the final exam scores, the Ministry will process the candidates’ wishes in all methods on the common system. “This is a technical adjustment, helping to reduce virtual contestants without affecting the candidates’ interests“, said Mr. Thac.

In previous years, for candidates who have been admitted to major A at school B by the academic record review method, the school will ask them to confirm their admission before knowing the standard score of the graduation exam. At this time, it may happen that the candidate is not really satisfied with major A but still enrolls “to make sure”. After that, candidates who are admitted to a better major by means of graduation exam scores will have difficulty or even be unable to change their choice.

However, according to this year’s regulations, if a candidate knows that he or she is eligible for admission to major A and still has the opportunity to apply for admission by graduation exam scores, candidates only need to place their favorite aspirations in the order of high priority. than.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Duc Trieu, Head of Training Management Department, National Economics University, supported the new enrollment regulation. He said that the requirement to register all aspirations by all methods on the same system will help limit the situation that a candidate can be admitted to many schools and disciplines by different methods. Therefore, candidates must carefully consider their favorite industry, school as well as their ability to choose the method with the highest probability of being admitted.

In the past years, schools had to face the situation of virtual candidates because the virtual filtering system only applied to students who were selected by high school graduation exam scores, not taking into account those students who applied according to their own methods. . The new regulation helps this year’s candidates not have to confirm their admission early, but have more time to consider before making a decision to choose a school or major.

The Ministry of Education and Training virtualizes general enrollment nationwide: Many opinions are mixed - 2

Candidates participating in the high school graduation exam. (Artwork: VNA)

In contrast, Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, former Deputy Director of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, said that it is difficult to apply for all admissions methods on the same system and general virtual filter all admission methods in the year. now. The reason is, the admission of universities is now diverse with more than 20 methods.

“Each method has different admission time, criteria and conditions for each school, so the software is difficult to meet. Currently, quite a few schools have reviewed the transcripts and have plans to call for admission for high school graduates.” , he said.

The expert added, the first round of competency assessment in 2022 of the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, has just taken place with more than 79,000 candidates, and about 300,000 candidates have registered for admission. If according to the regulations on registering for admission on the same system of the Ministry of Education and Training, will candidates have to “delete the rework”.

Regarding virtual candidates, Dr. Nghia said that every year to minimize the impact of virtual matriculation, on average, Southern universities call for admission to 175% of the target according to the method of graduation exam scores. Even in the method of reviewing academic records, some schools called for 300% of the target, but only 10% of the candidates entered.

Other recruitment methods have pre-selected results based on test scores. Therefore, schools force candidates who have passed other methods to confirm their admission by submitting the original high school graduation exam result certificate before considering the graduation exam method. Candidates who have confirmed admission are no longer considered for admission by graduation exam scores because they have been excluded from the admission data.

A representative of Lac Hong University also said that it is very difficult for the Ministry of Education and Training to filter out a common virtual filter for all schools on the same system, and to do so would even “deprive” the autonomy of schools and candidates.

“The enrollment scheme is expected to be developed by the school with different admissions times and by different methods. On the other hand, schools are aiming to self-select students to avoid being heavily dependent on the high school graduation period and recruit students. candidates learn to properly meet the training needs of each school. The virtual filtering continues to make it difficult for schools to actively enroll students.”said the representative.

Not detrimental to schools

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Ministry of Education and Training, affirmed that this year’s new draft does not affect the school’s autonomy in enrollment.

Schools must actively receive and process information and data of candidates when they apply for admission by the school’s methods (besides admission by high school graduation exam results) like every year. When deeming that a candidate has been selected by these methods, the school may notify the candidate of all the eligibility criteria for the candidate to know.

On the candidate’s side, if the selected major is the candidate’s choice, they must adjust the order of their wishes accordingly to complete the admission process. For example, candidate Nguyen Van A entered University B by means of academic record review (which was notified by the school before the time the Ministry opened the admission registration portal). Then when the Ministry opens the registration portal, students need to register and place their first wish to enter the school and major that they have passed at University B. Thus, it will avoid the situation of virtual candidates as in previous years, one student only passed the entrance exam. a single field.

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