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McKinsey: The remote working model “takes the throne”


This is clearly reflected in the massive wave of layoffs in 2021 when millions of American workers simultaneously quit. Workers around the world have announced that they will not go to work if employers do not adjust their policies to be more flexible. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that up to 25% of workers in advanced economies will work permanently at businesses, companies with a working model that combines working in the office and working in the office. home (hybrid working).

As more and more people arrange their work time reasonably instead of having to adhere to the traditional working time frame, the debate about the 4-day work week is taking place “with unprecedented fierceness”. .

McKinsey forecasts more than 50% of jobs in the US in 2030 will be freelance, and more than 66% of employers now consider some of these types of hybrid work the “new standard.” A lot of companies claim “work remotely absolutely” and this gives them a greater recruiting advantage than companies looking for employees to work directly.

However, there are still many conflicting views around this form of work. Some business owners always defend the view that working directly at the office is the best because they think that employees will have a lazy mentality when working from home. President and CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank sent an internal notice to employees that: “If you want to receive a salary like in New York, go to New York to work.” And veteran journalist William Cohan said: “Let’s go back to the office.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of London-based financial consulting firm PwC (UK) Kevin Ellis said that the company’s management wants to maintain new working models even after the COVID-19 pandemic. But he also expressed concern about the risk of workers becoming stagnant when working from home.

For his part, the president of digital design firm Armadillo, Chris Thurling, says it’s important to be open-minded about whether it’s necessary to pursue the traditional form of face-to-face work again. As proof of this point of view, he stated that his company has achieved impressive business results since March 2020. The remote working model that Armadillo adopts does not reduce productivity and quality of work.

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