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My brother-in-law borrowed 400 million and then kept quiet, 4 years later she “played big” which made me shy

April 19, 2022 14:21 GMT+7

Several times I wanted to ask for money from my sister-in-law, but my husband rejected it.

My wife and I are civil servants, so the monthly income is not very high. Fortunately, my grandmother’s family has conditions, so right after we got married, our parents gave us 1 billion so that we could buy a house to live on our own.

Having money, I decided to buy a 100-meter-wide apartment in the city center to work for convenience. Therefore, in addition to the money given to us by our parents, we still have to borrow more from the bank and pay 15 million VND per month in installments.

Last year, both my husband and I were determined to pay off our debt earlier than expected, so we worked hard to get outside jobs to work at home. Finally we paid off the debt and started to have a surplus, I discussed with my husband that if the job goes well, next year I will continue to try to buy a car for convenience.

Her sister-in-law knew that we were going to buy a car, so she offered to borrow our savings to start a business. She originally left school early to go to work because at that time my husband’s family did not have the conditions and she did not like to study.

Her business has not prospered for the past few years. My husband especially loves you, always wants to help, but many times he is afraid of me, so he does not dare to lend much.

My brother-in-law borrowed 400 million and then kept quiet, 4 years later she “played big” which made me shy

This time, my husband said that we are richer, so we need to help the youngest sister who is still in difficulty. Of course, I do not agree to lend all the money I have because it is the money of the couple’s sweat and tears. Moreover, I don’t get along with my brother-in-law and I also plan to buy a car and invest in real estate.

I take care of my husband’s brother’s loan, how can I keep up when I need money? However, my husband insisted on lending money to my sister. He also promised that when I needed money, if my sister couldn’t pay, he would take care of it. So even though I don’t want to, I still have to sweetly lend money to my brother-in-law.

Four years have passed, her brother-in-law has not mentioned anything about the loan amount. If I calculate it, I can save a lot of money in the bank, but when it comes to my husband, he scowls and says I compare and calculate with my blood, so I have to ignore it to keep the peace between the husband and wife.

During the holidays, her brother-in-law called to bring her boyfriend home to debut and prepare to get married. I intended to meet her privately this time to ask for the money, but how could I borrow money and then keep quiet, if she was in trouble, I should have said a word.

Suddenly after the reunion dinner, in the presence of her husband’s parents, she brought a piece of land in the suburbs with the red book and gave it to me.

She said 4 years ago she borrowed 400 million from us to do business, now the business is very good, thanks to the money we lent her, she opened more branches and made a good profit. Thinking that her sister-in-law was disadvantaged, she gave this land of 2.1 billion as paying both the principal and interest of the old money.

I refused to accept because the loan amount to my brother-in-law was too small compared to the value of the land, she took my hand and said: “I’m better now, if it weren’t for my brothers and sisters to help me in difficult times, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so if I’m a blood relative, don’t think about the value big or small, just let me be happy.”

Actually, when I held the red book my brother-in-law gave me, I felt that I was really petty, for a long time I was just afraid that she did not do well and would not pay me, who would have thought that she would “play big” like this, making me feel better. shy.

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