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My daughter is naughty, rummaging through her future sister-in-law’s bag

Last night, my family had a feast, so I invited Tuyen as future sister-in-law come eat. Because there were many people in the house, when she came to visit, I told her to keep her bag in her bedroom, lest her belongings be lost outside.

When everyone finished eating and left, I went to my son’s room to get things to help Tuyen. I panicked when I saw that I was taking Tuyen To’s lipstick all over my face. Her belongings were scattered on the floor by my son. As I was angry about to punish my daughter, I was startled to see that there were 4 tampons near the bag of my future sister-in-law.

She’s 2nd month pregnant, why is there tampons in her bag? I immediately called her over to ask about it. Tuyen paled, stammered, then knelt at my feet begging not to tell Duong about this.

I am Duong’s sister, happy story of you, how can I stay out of the way. Tuyen said that if Duong knew she was pregnant, the two would definitely break up. Tuyen said that she loved my brother very much, and didn’t want to leave him, so he made up a pregnancy story to force the boy’s family to take responsibility.

A few days ago, when my sister and I sat down to talk to each other, Duong said that we no longer love Tuyen. Because of her childish personality, she doesn’t make money but profligate spending, every time I give advice, I get angry and angry. Because she was pregnant, Duong closed her eyes to accept the wedding. Seeing my brother sad when talking about the upcoming wedding without love that I love so much.

I told Tuyen that Duong didn’t love her, only because of the fetus that she accepted to marry. Now that the two of you don’t have children, you should free each other, don’t make each other suffer. One day, Tuyen will find a man she truly loves. It hurt her throat, but she wouldn’t listen.

She said that if she can’t marry Duong, she doesn’t want to live anymore. I don’t want my brother to marry a girl he doesn’t love. But I am also very afraid that Tuyen will do something foolish if she cannot marry my brother. I really don’t know what to do guys.

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