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My husband thinks I have a mental problem

Recently, the program Want to roll into the kitchen to eat aired with the participation of MC Hoang Oanh. This is also the first TV show MC Hoang Oanh participated in after divorcing her Western husband and returning home after living in Singapore for a while.

MC Hoang Oanh: My husband thought I had a psychological problem - Photo 1.

Hoang Oanh and Truong Giang

At this week’s program, Hoang Oanh followed Truong Giang to the mountain to cook fried duck vermicelli together.

While cooking, Truong Giang asked Hoang Oanh about postpartum depression, the female MC replied: “I had postpartum depression but it’s gone now. My baby is 20 months old, so I don’t have depression anymore.”

Truong Giang took the opportunity to speak ill of Nha Phuong: “My wife also suffered from postpartum depression, so she was like a Hue girl, just a strange incident, a small change made her think.

There was a time when my wife cried every morning. When I asked why I was sad, my wife said: ‘I don’t know, I just feel sad’.

Hoang Oanh heard Truong Giang say that and immediately imitated Hue’s voice to make jokes: “That’s right, women are like that, sad but don’t know why sad, sad to catch a dragonfly.”

MC Hoang Oanh: My husband thought I had a psychological problem - Photo 2.

Hoang Oanh’s excessive hyperactivity made Truong Giang feel strange, confused, and had to put his hand on his forehead. At this time, Hoang Oanh confided:

“I like to talk a lot because about Vietnam, I’m very happy to speak Vietnamese. In Singapore, I can’t speak Vietnamese, people only speak English and Chinese.

Many times when I sit at home speaking Vietnamese alone, my husband thinks I have a psychological problem. I speak Vietnamese with my son, but he can’t speak yet, so he didn’t reply, so he looked at me like he was talking to himself.

Not only that, I also sing and write Vietnamese poems for my children, but my children just laugh and cry.”

MC Hoang Oanh: My husband thought I had a psychological problem - Photo 3.

Next, Hoang Oanh showed interest in Truong Giang by asking:Does Truong Giang’s wife cook for you at home?”

Truong Giang looked depressed and replied:There are questions that don’t need to be asked because you already know what the answer is?”

Hoang Oanh smiled and said: “I asked just for fun. I heard Nha Phuong say that Truong Giang cooks for me all the time. Nha Phuong really wants to lose weight, but Truong Giang keeps cooking, so she has to eat.

Mr. Truong Giang cooks very well. Today is my first time eating Truong Giang’s cooking, so I really like it.

I see that Nha Phuong is very happy because her husband cooks for her, not in the kitchen. One of the happiest things for a woman is being cooked by her husband and the kitchen.

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