Now I just want to withdraw my leg, close my account and never come back

When I stepped into the path of “playing” the stock market, at first I was like “going out” because I did not have any knowledge about the market. I just thought simply “need to invest something to have money, it’s not okay to let the money sit idle”. It was early November 2021.

Joining is also very simple because 10 years ago, I had a stock account. The account lay dormant for 10 years and didn’t move until one day, when I saw the house, the investor, and was able to monitor the market continuously due to my office job, I reopened the account. However, this time, I asked my friends, thanks to a broker of the company where I opened a code consulting account, joined many groups of many consultants (opened for free) to learn and listen. and “invest 20 million dong in the account”. With the thought at that time: “I will only spend up to 50 million”.

The market has given F0 securities like me a real pain: Now I just want to withdraw my legs, close my account and never come back - Photo 1.

Crazy sickness after days of eating equal times

I don’t know if it was thanks to the broker or because the market was excited, in the first few sessions I made a profit from a small amount of capital. Even, the broker also told me: “It’s a bit late to come in now, not as delicious as 3 months ago. But I will help you multiply x2, x3 account”.

I don’t know what is ‘delicious’ as before because I have no knowledge of the market but the account really only shows interest. Buy any “child” (code) and earn that child as soon as it arrives (T+3). I’m sure, even seeing a profit is selling and taking profit immediately. In the first month, my view is to see profit taking profits without waiting for the price to go higher with the game discipline: Sell when the goods arrive at a profit, buy new when the money is sold, profit within the target of 5%-7%. The account has not been x2 yet, but it is also positive continuously, the amount of 1 month’s interest is equal to my monthly working money. The feeling of excitement was so high that I continued to drop more money from 20 million to 50 million at some point. Then up to 100 million capital in the account.

The times when the profit is equal to the times I even share it with friends excitedly. Stock and interest stories are almost a regular topic of mine with office friends. After listening, my friend also asked me to “match” with the broker and participate in the stock market. So, after 1 month of playing, I still brought a few friends (like me – who didn’t know anything about the market) into the “checking” life.

The end for 2 months from mid-November to early January: I have earned nearly 2 months of salary and 3-4 times more than savings (interest rate of 4%). The type of stock I play mainly is penny which in the language of securities is “speculative”. I also began to have the mentality of waiting for the stock to go higher to have a ‘thick’ profit, rather than selling it immediately like in the early days of entering the market. Everything seems fine, I haven’t had to sell any code yet.

But life is not like a dream

Having heard about the gloomy January story, I was also extremely wary. Around January 10, I started selling profitable stocks. And intends to restructure the stock portfolio from speculative to fundamental.

However, when I only sold a few small stocks, the market shock continuously broke out, blowing away all the profits I had accumulated after 2 months. The first time the account recorded a “negative” of 10-20%. From there, my account was red continuously. End the days of eating by times, selling T+3.

Due to too much loss, I decided to leave the portfolio and wait for the market to recover. Because I believe in brokers and control groups: Then the market will recover.

Yes… will the market recover?

From mid-January to early April, the market did indeed seem to have recovered, but could not return to the peak period like when I first joined. Then a series of news including rumors and real news made VnIndex, many trading sessions in a row. I could only trade for a few sessions, selling at a loss of 1-2 penny stocks. The amount of investment in the account has multiplied 3 times compared to what I originally thought. If I don’t invest in stocks, at least I have 5 million – 6 million savings deposits with an interest rate of 4%/year. But it’s too late to regret now.

In the afternoon session of April 19, when more than 160 stocks fell to the floor, VN-Index retreated to close to 1,400 points, the lowest in 6 months, the account was negative 50%, I thought: “I’ll get out of the stock market no matter what and never come back again”. The phrase “any price” is probably worth tens of millions of dong – a large investment fee.

At the moment, perhaps not only me but also most F0 or even Fn on the Vietnamese stock market are extremely pessimistic. The market has just recorded the number of new personal accounts opened in March 2022, continuing to break records with nearly 300,000 accounts, but it is possible that a large number of F0 of these newly opened accounts are also “traumatized” as badly as I, maybe lose more than I am and also be “wish I didn’t play” like me? how-to-be-tro-lai-20220419173424918.chn


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