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Received compensation, can you sue the person who hit you?

In 2019, my nephew was beaten and slashed by a villager who came to his house and injured him. The family then received compensation of 60 million dong, but now it is unreasonable and wants to sue. (Dinh Chung)

After the scuffle, the family filed a denunciation to the investigating agency and applied for a forensic examination in the province. As a result, the police took it, and the family was only reported to have an injury rate of less than 10%. The investigating agency told my family to reconcile and receive compensation.

Due to the lack of legal knowledge in the countryside, the waiting time for the procedures was very long, so the family was very tired and agreed to receive a compensation of 60 million VND. Of which, nearly 10 million dong was lost for assessment costs.

I would like to ask, if my family now wants to see if the assessment results are accurate, what should I do? We have received compensation, we now want to sue, can we still?

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