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Selling orders massively, VN-Index dropped dramatically

The market lost its green color after 60 minutes of early afternoon trading. Selling pressure increased strongly in the whole market.

Bank stocks, securities, real estate… all fell deeply causing VN-Index carpet drop. These are the 3 groups of stocks with the largest market capitalization, so when they decrease, they will have a great impact on the VN-Index.

In the securities group, DSC, SBS, ART, BVS, PSI, APS, VIG, IVS, HCM, TVB, CTS, APG, FTS, ORS all decreased.

The real estate group also had a series of “blue” codes such as: BII, NBB, KHG, FLC, CIG, DXG, CRE, TDH… Meanwhile, the banking group had only 2 unchanged stocks, the rest were red. point, even “lying” the floor.

Large-cap groups with TPB, GVR, STB, SSI fell over 4%; FPT, MBB, ACB, PLX, PNJ also dropped by more than 3%… VN-30 group only recorded 3 gainers, 2 unchanged, 25 losers all fell, putting the market under downward pressure.

After the recent strong gains, the seafood group was also under pressure to take profit. A series of stocks such as CMX, FMC, ABT, ANV, IDI… dropped; in which, CMX is in the “white” state of the buyer.

Upstream of the market, the group of seaports and shipping saw positive developments; in which, PSP, SSG, PDN, HAH, VGR… increased by a large margin.

Besides, some petro codes traded well and closed in green such as: PGC, PGS, PGD, PVC, PVD…

Some experts believe that, with the current situation, it is quite difficult for the market to quickly break through to the higher price areas, but may need to retreat to the low price areas to find bottom fishing demand. . If bottom-fishing demand is good enough, as demonstrated by improved liquidity, the market, represented by the VN-Index, may recover.

Closing the session on April 19, VN-Index dropped 26.15 points to 1,406.45 points. There were 101 gainers, 371 losers and 32 standstill stocks on the whole floor.

HNX-Index dropped 10.43 points to 392.69 points. There were 68 gainers, 183 losers and 29 unchanged stocks on the whole floor. UPCoM-Index fell 1.89 points to 108.32 points.

Notably, at the close, the whole market recorded 164 stocks hitting the floor, focusing on securities, real estate, and banking.

The total matching value of the whole market reached 26,295 billion VND; in which, the matching value on HOSE alone reached 22,656 billion dong. Foreign investors net bought about 277 billion dong on HOSE.

VN-Index is “green with red skin” VN-Index is “green with red skin” – This morning (April 19), VN-Index gained but kept the green color, a rather difficult journey for buyers when the pressure from sellers was always present.

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