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Shanghai has 7 more deaths from Covid-19

City China has a record number of Covid-19 cases”>Shanghai (China) on April 19 reported 7 more deaths from Covid-19 in the context that 25 million people here are still living in lockdown.

A Covid-19 test site in Shanghai, China on April 18


According to AFP, the city Shanghai (China) on April 19 reported 7 more deaths due to Covid-19 Recorded on 18.04. This number brings the total number of deaths from the epidemic in Shanghai in the latest wave of infections to 10 victims.

Previously, Shanghai authorities on April 17 recorded 3 deaths from Covid-19. These are also the first Covid-19 deaths in China since 2 cases in Jilin on March 19. The last time happened more than a year ago.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said the seven latest victims were aged 60-101 and all had underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

The patients “worsened after admission and died despite the doctors’ best efforts, with the immediate cause of death being underlying diseases”, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission announced.

The agency also reported more than 20,000 more Covid-19 cases in the city recorded on April 18, most of which were asymptomatic.

The fact that the number of deaths is so small compared to the scale of the epidemic has many people questioning the accuracy of the data. This question arises in the context of China has a large aging population but low vaccination rates. Shanghai health officials said on April 17 that less than two-thirds of the population over 60 years old in this city had received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, and less than 40% of people over 60 years old in Shanghai received booster shots. again.

There have been many posts on social network talking about unrecorded Covid-19 deaths in Shanghai. These credentials have not been verified and those posts have also been deleted. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has reported nearly 9,000 deaths from Covid-19 since the Omicron variant spread there in January.

The latest number of infections and deaths in Shanghai is reported as the city’s 25 million residents have been under lockdown since March, when the daily number of infections hit 25,000. .

China is still determined to apply the zero-Covid strategy, which has helped the country reduce the number of infections and deaths to low levels at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the appearance of variation Omicron has left Chinese officials struggling to control the epidemic, which is spreading rapidly in many areas.

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