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Should you go on your own or buy a package tour?

Nowadays, travel has become one of the essential needs of people in life. Especially after going through 2 years of complicated epidemics and restricted travel, the need to go to new places to relax and experience is increasing day by day.

However, the question many people still wonder and wonder before every trip is: Should you choose self-sufficient travel or buy package tours and combos?

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Should you go on your own or buy a tour, package combo is a question many people always wonder before every trip. (Illustration)

These are the two most popular forms of tourism today. They also have certain characteristics that visitors need to understand before making a choice to suit their own purposes and needs.

Backpacking tourism

The name said it all. Self-sufficient travel is the traveler himself who will do all the steps to prepare for a complete trip: from deciding and booking form, transportation, hotel to stay to scheduling Sightseeing and discovery at the destination…

All of the above factors will be actively balanced and arranged by visitors to best suit their needs and preferences. Self-sufficient travel brings freedom, comfort, no feeling of constriction, visitors can flexibly handle or arbitrarily change the schedule at will.

The question people wonder before every travel: Should you go on your own or buy a package tour?  - Photo 2.

Visitors will have to do the procedures and schedule their own trip. (Illustration)

Self-sufficient travel will also help you save some money for travel agents. Because when you work directly with hotels, garages, airlines, you will not have to lose the % paid to those intermediaries anymore.

However, there are also specific disadvantages of this form that you need to consider before deciding to choose for your trip.

You may encounter problems or unexpected incidents such as not being fluent in your language if you go abroad, getting lost, not being used to taking public transport, having a high probability of being hacked,… Self-care When you book an airline ticket or a hotel, you will have to find out and manipulate it yourself instead of having someone do it for you, so there may be problems and confusion in the process.

The question people wonder before every travel: Should you go on your own or buy a package tour?  - Photo 4.

Getting lost is the most common incident when traveling independently. (Illustration)

Back many years ago, self-sufficient tourism was not really popular and popular because the technology was not very developed, the search for information was limited. Many people are afraid, do not dare to go to new lands by themselves and worry that there will be many risks when “strange foreign countries”.

However, nowadays, this form is loved by young people, especially those who love to experience and love to explore. You just need to be sure to thoroughly research the information related to the location, plan a specific schedule, obviously can pack your backpack and go.

Buy tour, package combo

Compared to self-sufficient travel, travel by buying tour, package combo is a much more leisurely form. Because, you just need to find a reputable agent and order their tours and combos, everything else you need is just to know the departure and departure time information.

The question people wonder before every travel: Should you go on your own or buy a package tour?  - Photo 6.

When buying a tour, package combo, all you need is to know the departure time and hit the road. (Illustration)

Traveling in the form of buying tours, package combos are suitable for those who do not have much time to learn the destination, or middle-aged and elderly people. It not only simplifies all procedures but also saves time and effort.

You will not need to worry about how to book tickets, how to stay at the hotel, what to eat and what to play… because all will be prepared and arranged by the agents for the visitors.

In addition, some tours and combos also have guides or interpreters (for overseas trips), making it easier for you to learn about the unique features of the destination.

The question people wonder before every travel: Should you go on your own or buy a package tour?  - Photo 7.

When buying a tour, package combo, there will be a tour guide in groups, making it easier for you to find out information. (Illustration)

Usually, the cost of buying tours, self-sufficient travel combos will be slightly higher than self-sufficient travel. But there are also cases, agents have their own codes for booking flights or hotels, so they can be a bit cheaper.

However, the advantages of the pre-arranged schedule plus the pairing with a large group also make this form inadequate. Visitors will not be free to choose the hotel they like, the destinations they want to go to or the food they want to eat.

In some cases, there are destinations on the tour you don’t want to go but can’t change, places you need to go can’t be added. Therefore, consider and choose carefully the tours, travel combos to suit your needs and interests.

The question people wonder before every travel: Should you go on your own or buy a package tour?  - Photo 9.

Choose the tour, package tour package that suits the needs and interests of yourself and your family. (Illustration)

Should you go on your own or buy a tour or combo package?

After understanding the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each form, balance your needs and conditions to choose whether to travel on your own or buy a package tour or combo.

If you are a person who likes safety, traveling to enjoy and relax, buying a tour or package combo will be the perfect choice. If you want to experience and explore the destination as much as possible, choose self-sufficient travel.

In addition, nowadays, besides package tours, there are also combos that only include bus/airfare and hotel tickets to help visitors save time and effort for the two most important stages of a trip. Go.

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