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Singer Dong Nhi burned with all her might at the “Night of our village’s rice festival”

Our village’s rice festival is an event to launch the new product Dragon blood brown rice of Nature Viet Group. The event took place on a large scale at Gigamall (240-242 Pham Van Dong, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc City) with the presence of singer Dong Nhi and guest artists such as Cat Tuong. , Ngan Quynh, Quoc Thuan, Le Khanh, Tiet Cuong… Besides, there was a lucky draw program for SH 125i motorbike, and many other valuable prizes.

Singer Dong Nhi burned with all her might at the

With the theme “Rice of our village”, Thien Nhien Viet brings an inspirational story to spread in every Vietnamese. Always cherish the seeds that have helped us to be full and full. Besides enhancing the value of Vietnamese rice grains (rice is a major agricultural product in Vietnam), providing quality products bearing Vietnamese brands with the hope that Vietnamese people will always remember Vietnamese values.

Singer Dong Nhi burned with all her might at the

Announced the launch of a new product, brown rice with dragon blood – The product is highly appreciated for its taste, quality and nutritional value, derived from brown rice, seaweed, cereals providing protein and fiber. Vitamins for the body, meet enough energy for daily activities. At the same time, it supports detox, effective weight control, safe for health. In particular, ensuring convenient and fast criteria for busy people or skipping meals.

Events with many activities stir up the whole shopping center on the weekend. Attracted more than 4000 customers to visit to enjoy music, dance hard with singer Dong Nhi and participate in enjoying, experiencing and evaluating products.

Although newly launched, dragon blood brown rice has been highly appreciated by customers for its quality, delicious taste and convenience. The vast majority of customers, when asked to rate the product, give satisfactory to very satisfied results.

Singer Dong Nhi burned with all her might at the

Our village’s rice festival night – the launch event of dragon blood brown rice products really exploded, not only at the artist’s hotness, but Nature Viet also offered many attractive gift programs for customers to participate. .

In which, 1 first prize is a SH 125i car, 2 second prizes are worth 10 million VND each, 3 third prizes are worth 3 million VND each, 5 consolation prizes are 1 box of dragon blood brown rice.

Singer Dong Nhi burned her heart out at the

It can be seen that the launch event of the super product dragon blood brown rice has really exploded, succeeded beyond expectations, received positive reviews from customers. Hopefully with the immediate success, dragon blood brown rice in particular and Vietnamese brands in general will grow more and more and capture the hearts of domestic and foreign consumers.

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