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Skills required for accounting students

In addition to professional development, students can study for a number of certifications, or join professional associations to adapt to the requirements of the market.

Mr. Nguyen Phan Anh Quoc – Audit Director, Ernst & Young (EY) Vietnam Co., Ltd. said that the requirements for the accounting – finance industry are increasing, so students should have a plan to hone their knowledge. , skills early to meet market demand.

In episode 9 The seminar series “UniPrep – Going to university”, he pointed out, basic skills for accountants, auditors, and finance people must comply with the regulations and legal framework of the workplace. This is also one of the important factors. Mistakes in this area of ​​accountants can have consequences that affect 10 years later.

“Accounting work is like art. Business profits or losses depend a lot on accounting work, so the profession must have moral values”, he added.

In the context of industrial revolution 4.0, workers need to pay more attention to this skill. Previously, the system of handling legal activities in Vietnam was quite slow. Up to now, with the development of technology, the national digital transformation process has been strongly promoted in both business and government. Therefore, the supervision from State agencies is also much stricter.

A class to cultivate knowledge and skills at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.  Artwork: ISB . Institute

Accounting students need to hone their legal compliance skills, independence, technological prowess, and continuous learning. Image: ISB Institute (caption the image content. What class is ISB’s major)

Similarly, as the business grows, the requirements for internal management are also increasing. This also creates more requirements for accountants. Personnel in this profession will be under pressure from management and shareholders, so they are likely to encounter accounting situations according to the needs of stakeholders. Therefore, accountants – auditors must have independence.

“Ethical values, legal compliance and independence help reflect the true state of the business rather than following someone’s wishes,” emphasized Mr. Quoc.

On the other hand, with increasing expectations, instead of just focusing on compliance, control, and financial reporting, HR must also know how to contribute to business planning. Accordingly, not only reflecting the problem that has occurred, the accountant must also have a voice in the direction of the future, providing information for managers to make business decisions to suit the needs of the business. enterprise development.

Mr. Tran Hong Van, Financial Director – International Education Group reminded students not to let stress about this issue affect their work. If you have strong expertise, young people can completely master these basic skills.

Therefore, besides the above factors, young people should constantly update trends and new skills to meet professional requirements in the context of rapidly developing technology. According to Mr. Van, currently, Vietnam does not have many accounting systems applying 4.0 technology. Because businesses cannot apply a technology too well, but users do not know how to use the software. In contrast, owning a team with good skills to work but not equipped is also a waste of available resources. However, many workshops have addressed this issue.

Mr. Tran Hong Van - Finance Director, International Education Group, Mr. Nguyen Phan Anh Quoc - Audit Director, Ernst & Young (EY) Vietnam Co., Ltd. and program leader - Assoc.  Dr.  Tran Ha Minh Quan - Director of ISB (from left to right).  Screenshots

Mr. Tran Hong Van – Finance Director, International Education Group, Mr. Nguyen Phan Anh Quoc – Audit Director, Ernst & Young (EY) Vietnam Co., Ltd. and program leader – Assoc. Dr. Tran Ha Minh Quan – Director of ISB (from left to right). Image: Screen capture

Both speakers affirmed that the development of technology creates challenges but also brings many opportunities if young people are willing to accept new things, work hard to learn, and accumulate more knowledge and skills.

“Prepare yourself for self-study skills. No one is fully equipped from the beginning but must be independent in learning and cultivating. That will help you go far in the chosen path”, Mr. Hong Van advise young people.

If you want to pursue a career in accounting – auditing, students can choose to study more certifications recognized by professional associations such as CPA, ACA, ACCA or ICAEW. Even now, these organizations have allowed people who do not have a university degree or do not study related fields to participate. Thus, students can completely get a certificate from the first year.

In addition, internships at enterprises are also one of the effective ways to improve professional skills and work skills. For example, at EY Vietnam, the company recruits interns from the time you are in year 2-3.

“When you choose the right environment to develop skills and knowledge related to that industry, participate in forums, learn more certifications, …, you can all succeed in this profession.” Audit Director of EY Vietnam affirmed.

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