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Snacks for pregnant women are delicious, nutritious and cheap according to each stage of pregnancy

Requirements for snacks for pregnant women

Snacks need to overcome heartburn and nausea during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant women are often prone to belching, heartburn, and nausea, especially around the time of morning sickness. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid acidic foods such as caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks. Better to replace it with fresh fruits, their dried products like blueberries, apples, starchy foods like cookies, pasta, nut butters, hard-boiled eggs.

Some groups of foods and snacks are good for pregnancy

Whole grains: Supports energy and fiber

– Healthy fats: Support stable blood sugar levels, provide energy.

– The fiber: Supports easy digestion, overcomes constipation during pregnancy.

– Proteins: Ensure the best nutritional supplement for the fetus.

– Groups of vitamins and minerals: Antioxidants, avoid anemia, pose risks to the fetus.

Snacks for pregnant women are delicious, nutritious and cheap according to each stage of pregnancy - 1

Snacks for pregnant women need to ensure the best nutrition. (Illustration)

Suggest some snacks for pregnant women

Snacks for pregnant women in the first 3 months

Snacks for pregnant women in the first 3 months need to be carefully selected because this is a “sensitive” pregnancy, the fetus is still weak and susceptible to poisoning. Some good snacks for pregnant women in the first 3 months are as follows:

– Cheese: Pasteurized cheeses are one of the ideal choices to supplement calcium for pregnant women as well as energy and nutrition.

– Yogurt: Pregnant women are often advised by doctors to take calcium supplements to help develop the baby’s bones and teeth. In addition to fresh milk, yogurt is a food that not only makes it easy for mothers to consume, but also brings certain benefits, adding beneficial bacteria to strengthen the body’s immune system, preventing many common diseases. during pregnancy such as constipation, high blood pressure.

– Egg: Is a food that provides a significant amount of protein with high biological value and many components such as vitamins A, D, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fat, especially omega 3. These nutrients are both beneficial for the pregnant mother and also for the fetus. Eat eggs in moderation to reduce cholesterol in the blood, increase brain power, and enhance memory in children later on.

– Carrot: Sweet taste and full of nutrition, carrots are also one of the good suggestions for pregnant women. Just using carrots to make juice or processing delicious honey-soaked carrots will also help reduce the feeling of morning sickness.

– Nuts: Especially walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts … are very easy to eat, rich in nutrients, suitable for pregnant women in the pregnancy stage. Mothers can easily find these nuts in supermarkets or nutrition stores for pregnant women or order them at some websites.

– Cereals: The composition of essential vitamins, folic acid and minerals found in cereals will help reduce the risk of birth defects for the fetus. In addition, cereals are also rich in fiber to help protect the digestive system to function normally and limit constipation during pregnancy.

– Dried sweet potatoes: Is a snack that is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1… Eating sweet potatoes every day is a great way to help pregnant women provide their body with the most important and necessary nutrients. Especially, for pregnant women with heavy morning sickness, they can’t eat rice.

Snacks for pregnant women delicious and cheap according to each stage of pregnancy - 3

Nuts are a good suggestion in the snacks of the first 3 months of pregnancy. (Illustration)

Snacks for pregnant women in the second 3 months

In the second trimester, pregnant women always need to be careful in choosing their daily menu to ensure the health of mother and fetus.

– Seaweed: As a nutritious food, containing a lot of DHA, vitamin B2, Iodine, it has the effect of regulating cholesterol in the blood, preventing high blood pressure and heart disease, especially preventing birth defects. Seaweed is sold a lot in supermarkets and retail markets.

– Kinds of bean: Soybeans, black beans, green beans all contain rich and diverse amounts of protein, good for pregnant women’s health.

– Fresh fruits: Fresh fruits can often be used directly or cut into small pieces to mix with yogurt to increase flavor, recharge energy and be very delicious. Some good fruits for pregnant women such as: Bananas, oranges, apples, cherries, kiwis, avocados… will help pregnant women limit cramps, rich in fiber, and strengthen the digestive system. However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to choose fruits of clear origin to ensure health.

Snacks for pregnant women in the last 3 months

– Boiled corn: Not only is it a food that helps to change the taste of pregnant and postpartum mothers, but boiled corn also brings great health benefits. In each boiled corn, there are many nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, protein, fat, niacin, Omega 3. You just need to change the breakfast or snack menu with boiled corn, which is both simple and extremely effective. again.

– Raisins, nut butter: Mom can use raisins and nut butter (can be almond butter, peanut butter, sunflower seed butter) to change her daily snack. Nut butters and raisins are both rich in heart-healthy fats and minerals.

– Crunchy biscuits: Rated as a delicious snack for pregnant women, helping mothers reduce fatigue. At the same time, crackers also provide some starch to reduce hunger. However, they can contain a lot of salt, so pregnant women need to be very careful.

– Popcorn, butter popcorn: As a dish with delicious taste, reducing feeling of fatigue without too many calories, the calories in 8 cups of popcorn only contain about 120 calories, so the mother is not afraid of gaining weight during pregnancy.

Snacks for pregnant women are delicious, nutritious and cheap according to each stage of pregnancy - 4

Snacks for pregnant women in the last 3 months of pregnancy. (Illustration)

– Dark Chocolate: The dish is both delicious and sweet to help pregnant women always have a happy mood, prevent convulsions, antioxidant and limit high blood pressure.

– Skim milk and whole grains: Considered as a snack to help pregnant women maintain nutrition without fear of gaining weight. In particular, cereals are not only rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, which reduce the risk of birth defects for the fetus, but are also rich in fiber, effectively limiting constipation.

Snacks for pregnant women with gestational diabetes

Snacks for pregnant women with gestational diabetes need to avoid processed foods such as white bread and foods containing high sugar, processed foods, greasy, fast food. ..drinks high in sugar, gas and caffeine… Follow a healthy, reasonable diet to help keep blood sugar stable. Some suggestions for snacks for pregnant women with diabetes include:

– Fruits: Grapefruit, pineapple, pear, apple, cherry, papaya, orange, strawberry… are all fruits rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and high soluble fiber, helping pregnant mothers not feel hungry. , increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

– Salads: Pregnant women with diabetes should eat a lot of green vegetables to provide fiber for the body. Salad helps reduce blood sugar and control hunger, you can use green vegetables, mix with a little bell pepper, boiled corn kernels, add a little vinegar, fresh lemon, garlic, black pepper.

– Pure chocolate: Pure chocolate ingredients containing up to 75% cocoa or more and no sugar, very good for the cardiovascular system, is a snack that mothers with diabetes can choose.

– Yogurt and jelly without sugar: It is a healthy snack that is quite easy to eat, satisfying the snack cravings of mothers. Especially since there is no sugar, it does not affect blood sugar levels.

Nuts are also very good for pregnant women with diabetes: Walnuts, cashews, flaxseeds, almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds… help the body produce better insulin levels, support cholesterol balance, reduce stress and fatigue.

Eating is one of the top concerns for pregnant women. Pregnant women need to know how to choose healthy, nutritious and safe foods to ensure that they are both healthy and good for their babies.

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