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Special pattern t-shirt ‘invisible’ to facial recognition technology

April 19, 2022 06:30 GMT+7

The new discovery of experts surprised many people when they studied an ‘invisible’ shirt with facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology is tending to appear more and more in life. Using artificial intelligence, many places apply facial recognition technology to check security, personal devices use this technology to increase security…

Special pattern t-shirt 'invisible' to facial recognition technology
Special pattern t-shirt ‘invisible’ to facial recognition technology

Imagine that you own something that can help overcome this modern advanced identification technology. This may sound like a movie idea, but in fact, researchers at Northeastern University, MIT and IBM have created a special shirt with capabilities few would expect.

It was a white t-shirt with a colorful pattern on the front. According to experts, the shirt makes the wearer invisible to facial recognition technology.

Researchers have successfully identified locations on the body that can confuse facial recognition systems with details as small as pasting a pixelated image.

From there, they created a special printed T-shirt. The person wearing the shirt is not completely invisible to surveillance cameras, but affects the accurate results of the facial recognition process.

The disadvantage of T-shirts is that they are prone to wrinkles and creases when the wearer moves, so the research team had to ‘headache’ to find a way to deal with this problem.

Currently, the t-shirt is still under further review, with the researchers unsure how exactly it works in the real world. People won’t be able to use the t-shirt in the real world, said Xue Lin, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northeastern University. “We still have a lot of trouble getting a complete t-shirt that works in the real world,” says Xue Lin.

Besides, this is definitely not something that helps people avoid detection, evade modern security and surveillance technology. The ultimate aim of the research team is to find vulnerabilities so that companies creating software can fix, fix and improve further in the future.

This isn’t the first time researchers have created objects to try and fool the artificial intelligence. In 2016, researchers from Carnegie Mellon and North Carolina Universities in Chapel Hill, USA created glasses that trick facial recognition technology.

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