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Spend tens, even hundreds of millions to hire a name for your child

Although the work name your baby It sounds simple, but Taylor A. Humphrey (33 years old, living in New York) said, this job is hard and has to do more than people think.

According to data from the magazine The New YorkerIn the last year alone, Taylor has named more than 100 babies. For each name used, the young woman charges a fee of between $1,500 and $10,000 (about 34 million VND to nearly 230 million VND).

Before that, Taylor was immersed in the book name your baby which her mother borrowed from the library and brought home. Even as she grew up, she maintained that particular hobby. After graduating from University, Taylor tried many careers as a screenwriter. The girl realized that the most interesting thing in the profession of a screenwriter is choosing names for her characters.

The girl earns billions of dong thanks to the profession of naming her children (Photo: Taylor A.Humphrey).

Taylor A.Humphrey – the girl who earns billions of dong thanks to her job name your baby (Photo: Taylor A.Humphrey).

In 2015, Taylor “caught up” with the job of naming babies and began to build a reputation on social networks when she created a personal account on Instagram with the name “What’s in a baby name”. of the child means). The girl shared her hobby of naming babies as well as explaining each name according to the numerical method.

In the beginning, Taylor merely shared personal preferences and provided free naming assistance to families in need. But after 3 years, the 33-year-old girl realized name your baby One’s home can also become a profession and bring in income.

“Job name your baby can easily become a profession to earn a living but in reality, this work is much deeper and more meaningful. Because I also support mentally, emotionally and physically for every guest,” Taylor said.

Name your baby

Each customer in need will have to pay from 1,500 – 10,000 USD for Taylor to consult and find the most perfect name for the child based on many factors. In the picture are 3 children she has named, including Sol, Coco and Tigerlily (from left to right) (Photo: @whatsinbabyname).

Whenever she receives suggestions from guests, Taylor creates a “name list” based on the parents’ requests. With the usual names that Taylor offers, guests have to pay 1,500 USD (about 34 million VND) if they like and accept. But if you want a name that is “unique”, exclusive and has its own brand, customers need to pay up to 10,000 USD (nearly 230 million VND).

All parents seem to know what to choose, or the perfect name, says Taylor. However, they still need a hint to be sure of a meaningful name for their little ones.

“The most common reason why parents come to the service name your baby Mine is running out of ideas. Many families find it difficult to come up with a suitable name when welcoming their third or fourth child. There are even couples who want their children to have a name that matches the inheritance rights in the family or is related to a special trait,” Taylor shared.

The young girl also revealed that the names she suggested were not always satisfied and agreed to by the parents. Many parents have refused or asked to change their child’s name simply because they do not like it.

“But parents, remember, it’s important to create a good name based not only on subjective opinions but also need to be suitable for the child,” said the person who gave the child the name.

Share with The New YorkerTaylor revealed, she has named more than 100 children in 2021. Although many people do not believe that she can make a lot of money by naming “other people’s children”, she insists that she does it herself. This job is full time.

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