Stop selling 600 old villas in Hanoi

On the afternoon of April 19, the Hanoi People’s Committee held a press conference to inform about the management and use of Villa was built before 1954 in the city.

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Mr. Truong Viet Dung, Chief of Office and Spokesperson of the Hanoi People’s Committee, spoke at the press conference

At the meeting, Mr. Truong Viet Dung, Chief of Office cum Spokesperson of the Hanoi People’s Committee, said that immediately after receiving the feedback, Hanoi City had temporarily stopped the sale of 600 ancient villas to review. control.

Previously, the Hanoi People’s Committee issued a decision on “Solutions to promote the management and use of public villas built before 1954 in Hanoi city, period 2021 – 2025”. Accordingly, Hanoi will sell 600 old state-owned villas, which are in the list of sold villas and are mainly located in central districts. This is one of the solutions on mechanisms and policies just launched by the Hanoi People’s Committee to manage and use public villas built before 1954 in Hanoi, period 2021-2025.

These 600 villas are all managed by Hanoi Housing Development and Management One Member Limited Liability Company to lease old houses in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Housing 2014 and are being sold unfinished. The sale of villas is to create capital for the renovation, embellishment and reconstruction of the historic inner city with ancient houses, old villas and other architectural works.

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An old villa in Hanoi

In addition, a number of state-owned special-use villas on the list of not-for-sale are also reviewed to develop a plan for auction or auction for 10-15 years’ rental at market prices.

Hanoi also studied to adjust the list of villas that are not for sale (reviewing 105 old state-owned villas managed by the city, which are using interlacing offices and houses of households) to develop plans to move agencies and organizations. The city then holds an auction or rental auction. Hanoi currently has 1,216 villas, including 367 state-owned villas, 732 mixed-owned villas between the state and households or between households; 117 privately owned villas.

According to Mr. Dung, in recent days, the public has paid special attention to press information reflecting that Hanoi will continue to sell 600 old villas on the list of sold, state-owned, unfinished sale. …

“After receiving the approval and direction of the Standing Committee of the Hanoi Party Committee, the Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee and the Chairman of the City People’s Committee, Hanoi will suspend the sale of 600 old villas from today to review. monitoring, synthesizing and reporting to the competent authorities. When the official results are available, they will be promptly informed to the public,” emphasized Mr. Dung.

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