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Study abroad – the door to discover new horizons for young people

For a long time, studying abroad has been considered as a shortened door to success. Studying abroad not only offers the opportunity to study, experience new horizons, interact with many cultures, but also helps young people find open career opportunities. Because of that, the topic of studying abroad is always interested by young people and many parents.

According to the survey, when choosing countries as study abroad destinations, most parents choose developed countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, these are the places that attract many international students to study abroad. However, in recent times, studying abroad in Europe is also an option considered by many parents and children because of bright points such as more affordable costs, high quality education as well as high standards. as there are many attractive scholarship programs.

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Although it brings many benefits and is the dream of most young people today, setting foot in a foreign country requires strict preparation from application documents to application conditions, and especially, one of the The biggest barrier is the cost of studying abroad. So what is the key for students to open the door to the international environment more easily?

To answer that question, PTS has helped young people reach their dreams with a scholarship program to study abroad, supporting students who wish to study abroad to realize their dreams. PTS stands for Path To Success. The unit was established based on the cherished generations of former international students with extensive experience in the field of study abroad consulting. From understanding the concerns and difficulties of studying abroad today, the PTS team has successfully brought solutions to make it easier and more economical to get a scholarship to study abroad.

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Having a team of experienced teachers and mentors on the path of scholarship hunting, when coming to PTS, young people and parents will receive detailed advice on the roadmap, follow up and give advices. Helpful tips to make the right choices. Unlike other centers that only submit applications and wait, at PTS, each student will be assessed in their field and designed their own learning path with the Mentor team to improve the quality of their application and skills. students have the opportunity to get scholarships to dream schools.

PTS also organizes “Speaking Club” activities, study abroad seminars take place vibrantly and regularly with a variety of topics to provide the latest information about the country, the field of study, and the actual sharing of students. Former international students help young people have a more objective and honest view of the country and the upcoming study abroad path. With the dedication and devotion to the students, PTS has become one of the trusted addresses for many young people and parents to trust their children with.

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PTS students have achieved many achievements on the track to apply to European universities such as: 100% of students applied and were accepted into many prestigious schools in Europe: Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium…

Two excellent students have achieved 100% scholarships, that is, Ha Le with a 100% scholarship worth 20,000 EUR and Quynh Anh with a scholarship for Master’s program up to 20,000 EUR (more than half a billion dong) for two years. study with a living cost of 5000 EUR (more than 140 million VND) at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). PTS has not only helped the young girl’s dream come true, but has been and will continue to raise the bar for many young people, bringing them closer to their dreams, and opening a new path for themselves.

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PTS is the key for you to get closer to becoming a global citizen, providing the opportunity to access a multinational working environment easily, economically and efficiently. If you are still wondering how to study abroad, please visit PTS for a methodical and detailed route consultation and let the PTS team help you make your dreams come true.

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