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Thai Nguyen driver helps a tired couple carrying a tired child when they cross nearly 400km in the cold rain

The clip recording the warm human act of driver Quang Sao has attracted millions of people on social networks. He told Infonet: ‘It’s okay to do small daily actions, anyone in that situation would do the same’.

The clip recording the image of a couple and their young daughter riding a motorbike for more than 300km from Hai Duong back to Ha Giang in the cold rain is spreading on social networks.

According to the clip, the couple was riding a motorbike, carrying a little girl about 1 year old and a lot of belongings walking in the cold rain. They were helped by a woman in an orange-yellow T-shirt who was helping to put a thin blanket on her body to keep the little girl warm.

When the truck driver asked them where they were coming from, they were surprised to receive the answer that there was still a longer way to go than 40km to get home.

The clip recording the small but warm actions of the truck driver and the woman accompanying him is spreading rapidly on social networks, making the online community feel warm.

Talking to an Infonet reporter, Mr How is Zhou Guang? (SN 1992, hometown of Thai Nguyen) – the truck driver who helped the couple riding a motorbike said, around 6:30 am on April 16, while driving a car on Highway 3 through Cao Bac Pass, In Cao Bang province, he and the owner in the car discovered that a couple riding a motorbike was stopping to shelter from the rain under a cliff. The husband with a tired look just supported the foot of the motorbike and fell on the road.

It was observed that in the car there was not only a couple with messy belongings, but also a little girl wearing a blazer. The weather on the pass is raining, windy and foggy, so Sao loves and worries that the baby will be cold. So he drove the car forward, stopped and took a thin blanket from his car and asked the shop owner to bring it down to give to the other couple to keep the baby warm.

After helping the couple on a motorbike to dress up their luggage and raincoat, he continued with the owner of the goods to go on the road in time for transportation.

Thai Nguyen driver helps a tired couple carrying a tired child when they cross nearly 400km in the cold rain
Image cut from clip

But after about 1km, I felt uneasy, I stopped the car again and got out of the car to convince the wife and baby to get on my truck. At first, they kept saying that they wouldn’t get in the car, they were shy and also saw strangers, so they were wary. Only after inviting her sister-in-law and baby to get on the bus, the husband, riding a motorbike, followed his car to the intersection of Cao Bang city, heading to Nguyen Binh, but stopped because he was not on the same road to Ha Giang with them. If it’s on the same road, I will definitely carry them on, but because I’m still in a convoy, I can’t.” – driver born in 1992 recounted.

Get in the car and ask about Mr. Sao, only to know that the couple is an ethnic Kinh who is not fluent, is working as a worker in Hai Duong, but due to the epidemic, the company has little work, so the whole family has to pack up and go home. They’ve been gone since the day before (April 15 – PV) from work to go home, without stopping at all, on the motorbike there was still a part of the gas can they brought with them to refuel along the way.

Seeing that the 1-year-old girl was cold, tired and hungry, Mr. Sao gave her some biscuits left in the car.

The young driver felt sorry for the baby, so he invited the female owner and members of the convoy to contribute money to support his family.

Although his work creates the effect of spreading good deeds throughout social networks, Quang Sao humbly said:Ordinary small actions every day are nothing, anyone in that situation will do the same. Before the couple got on the motorbike to go home, the husband said thank you and the sister-in-law taught the baby to say “I’ll be happy bye bye”.

“The clip I took back and shared on social networks as a souvenir and also to keep the original image in case something went wrong. That’s the habit of every experienced driver on the road, to help people, but I don’t have any intention of asking for a like sentence because my work has nothing to do with social networks, so after sharing on social networks, there are some such comments, I also Don’t mind anything. Just hope to go on the road whoever meets people who need help, please open your heart to help them in your ability, that’s enough” – Young driver from Thai Nguyen village confided.

The clip about Quang Sao’s warm and human action has attracted millions of views, emotions and comments from netizens. Many people were grateful for the young man’s benevolent heart, so they did not hesitate to praise:

Feel so hurt. It’s nearly 500km from Hai Duong to Meo Vac, bro, fortunately I met a kind driver who could help me get a warm blanket”;

“Nice good deeds, good people like you need to be replicated”;

“Society needs a lot of hearts like the two of you, wish you both always have a lot of luck, and your driver will have thousands of miles of peace. Wish the baby’s family good health”;

“Moving through the clip, guys, thank you so much. Going out, I just want to meet such small but warm things”;

“Fortunately. There are brothers and sisters to help. But it’s so cold, my baby is miserable. It’s cold to go home, I’m sick. Thank you so much. It’s cold, it’s so heartwarming, I don’t regret spending money to watch clips. like this”.

Lam Giang; Clip: NVCC

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