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The child did the math 53+33=86 wrongly crossed out, the mother got angry when she saw the results

Math is a subject that makes many children find it difficult because it is not only necessary to give the right results but also to have the right calculation method.

Recently, a mother with a primary school child posted on a group that teaches her children math a math problem with many questions. In the photo of the problem, the student performed the addition of 53 + 33, giving the result equal to 86, but the teacher crossed it wrong. However, the teacher’s performance later also made the mother angry because she gave: 53 + 33 = 88. The mother was extremely confused as to whether her child was wrong or she was wrong?

The child did math 53+3386 incorrectly, when she saw the results she gave, she was angry - 1

After the story was shared, many opinions around this elementary school girl’s math. Most think that both the teacher and the student are wrong. In which the game put the calculation wrong and she gave the wrong result. Specifically, the student has put the calculation with tens and units of non-aligned but gave the correct result. The teacher has a correct calculation method but gives the wrong result.

Besides, many people also gave their opinions about the behavior of the parents in this story. They think that when facing a case like this, parents need to analyze for their children to understand and discuss with the teacher, not share it widely like this.

The child did the math 53+3386 wrongly crossed out, the mother got angry when she saw the results - 2

In fact, learning math seems to be simple, but it is not simple because the result is right, but the wrong calculation is still evaluated as wrong. Therefore, when guiding children to learn math, parents should remind their children to think and understand the problem correctly to avoid deduction of points.

In order for children to be interested in learning math, parents need to position their children’s awareness to build an appropriate route. Parents planning a route must depend on the ability of the child and should not teach too much to the child. If the child has the ability to think math, parents need to encourage, but the child is poor, the skills are not good, parents should practice gradually.

Parents should not equate, compare children with friends because each child is different and potential children should when they grow up, they should allocate and arrange a suitable schedule for their children, help them stimulate interested in receiving knowledge.

To create interest in learning math at home for their children, parents can tell age-appropriate stories and have mechanisms for each child, encouraging them to explore to create excitement and develop their thinking.

The child who did math 53+3386 was wrongly crossed out, when she saw the results she gave, her mother was angry - 3


At the same time, parents let their children be self-reliant, play and solve on their own in a safe environment. Creativity will help children know how to solve.

Specifically, parents should:

– Incorporate math in everyday life by regularly practicing addition and subtraction with your child, then your child will begin to absorb and count by themselves.

Also can teach your child to recognize numbers: For a younger child, try a number puzzle or play hopscotch. For an older child, try the bus number at a bus stop or the house number on a house. As your child gets better at recognizing numbers, try phone numbers or license plates. It is advisable to apply math learning with your baby while shopping at the supermarket, calculating kitchen ingredients or dividing houseplants… so that your child understands how math is applied anytime, anywhere in life.

– Sit down and study seriously: write numbers by hand (you can let them write on paper, on the ground, in the sand or on the table – wherever the child is interested); learning on the internet (surely your child will enjoy it more than boring paper-based learning).

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