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The clip of a teacher slapping a student in Tay Ninh: An insider’s report

On April 18, the Department of Education and Training of Go Dau district, Tay Ninh province had an initial report on the case of a teacher slapping a student on the head.

The Department of Education and Training of Go Dau district determined that the incident happened on April 13 during the Informatics class of class 7A3 at Phuoc Dong Secondary School, Go Dau district. The teacher in the clip is Mr. VVN, the school’s math teacher.

The clip of a teacher slapping a student in Tay Ninh: An insider's report - 1

Image of a teacher slapping students in the face with both hands. Image cut from clip

Accordingly, in this class, two students, CHL and THN, damaged the computer’s keyboard. The students sitting nearby informed Mr. N. so he went down to check. Seeing that the keyboard buttons were removed, Mr. N. was afraid that the open circuit would threaten the students’ lives, so he slapped these two children on the head.

The report of Mr. N. recorded: “Due to being angry for fear of danger to students, he slapped each child 2-3 times on the hand”. Because at this time, the children’s hands covered their heads, so Mr. N. explained that “only slaps on the hands, does not affect the head”.

Then, on April 16, Mr. N., a colleague and the head of the hamlet went to a student’s house to apologize to the family. In addition, another teacher also went to the other student’s house to apologize.

According to the Go Dau District Department of Education and Training, after the incident where the teacher slapped the student’s head, the Department directed the school to verify, clarify and strictly handle it according to regulations. At the same time, direct the school to send a delegation to the two children’s houses to capture the thoughts and feelings of parents and students.

Previously, on social media, a clip recorded a scene where a teacher in Tay Ninh repeatedly slapped a student’s head with his hand, causing anger in public opinion.

The 12-second clip posted on April 17 recorded the scene of students sitting in front of a desktop computer. Then, a man in a white shirt, believed to be a teacher, came down and loudly asked, “Who took it off?”. While asking, this person repeatedly slapped and hit the student’s head and face and shouted “Remove it, take it off, break it!”.

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