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The elite look for a living quality “standard 5-star hotel”

The elite, foreign professionals with high living standards in Hanoi are still looking for a living space with a “5-star standard” experience in their own home.

Enjoy the feeling of “5 star” right at home

Having 8 years as the director of the new route operation department for an airline in the UAE, Mr. Dylan Do (Hanoi) said that due to the nature of his job, most of his time is spent traveling and staying around the world. world-class hotels to experience and evaluate.

“The elite, people with money, they often have strict standards, aiming for a complete experience, where they stay, whether it’s a hotel or an apartment, they need to bring a feeling of being pampered and enjoying services. Truly upscale and perfectly relaxing,” commented Mr. Dylan.

After working abroad, Mr. Dylan is planning to move back to Hanoi to live. Mr. Dylan said: “Back in Hanoi, I always want to find a place to live where I can feel the same high standards as 5-star hotels and resorts in my own apartment – so that every day of my life is a perfect day. enjoy”.

The elite look for a living quality
The luxurious 5 * style apartment lobby shows the owner’s class. (Illustrated image)

For Ngo Phuong Anh (auditor, Hai Ba Trung District), 2 years of not traveling makes her miss the feeling of soaking in mid-air swimming pools, relaxing, spas in 5-star family hotels. group in Singapore, Japan or New Zealand. “The complete relaxation of both body and mind when being pampered and taken care of during those trips is now not easy to achieve. So instead of traveling, I’m looking to buy an apartment with a similar quality of life,” emphasized Phuong Anh.

Owning living spaces to be comfortable in the luxurious vibe (atmosphere) and enjoying outstanding high-class standards is being directed by the global elite. Not out of that trend, people with high incomes and experts in Hanoi are also “racing” to find apartments that meet these strict expectations.

The elite look for a living quality
Pavilion Premium – a “super product” apartment building with outstanding 5 * hotel style at Vinhomes Ocean Park.

Although the demand for high-end apartments, “5-star standard” style is strong, the scarcity “shadows” the market. In addition to objective factors such as the limited land fund, the development of a new product with outstanding quality, meeting the needs of the rich and sophisticated enjoyment, also requires potential. strong from the investor, reputation as well as the ability to maintain synchronous operation. This makes the market almost very rare products that meet the 5-star hotel style.

Pavillion Premium – the class that creates life

In order to meet the huge demand from the market, Vinhomes continues to “break through” with the Pavilion Premium product (Vinhomes Ocean Park) in the style of a 5-star hotel inspired by the most luxurious hotels in the island nation of Singapore.

Each high-class hotel creates a memorable impression for visitors with a cozy and luxurious entrance, at Pavilion Premium residents will be overwhelmed by the modern lobby roof, in tune with the imitation stone paint of the podium exterior. along with a solemn nameplate that makes Pavilion Premium different and unique.

Stepping inside, the lobby space is designed to exude a luxurious quality, from the items, the miniatures are carefully arranged in harmony by the investor, giving a trendy lobby space with a 5-star hotel character.

The elite look for a living quality
Exercise more eye-catching part with the view in mid-air. (Illustrated image)

Grasping the right taste and understanding the mentality of the elite with connoisseurs of living, the utilities inside Pavilion Premium were upgraded by the investor with 10 more utilities, focusing on pampering the feelings of “5-star enjoyment” “on its own level. On the 13th floor of the building is arranged Working Space – a modern “home” meeting and working area to have an effective working space without losing time to move, while a chain of spaces Gym Club, Sport Hub and Kids Heaven were raised again thanks to the emphasis on physical training for all residents from the “view” in the middle of the air – a special privilege of Pavilion Premium owners in the middle of the Ocean district. In addition, the high-class 100m2 wide four-season Jacuzzi Spa will “indulge” the feeling of complete relaxation for the owners here. Under warm water, the hydraulic nozzle will massage each muscle group and blood vessel to help relax perfectly, eliminating fatigue. This is a beauty treatment that will surely be satisfied by the ladies who want a supple and toned body.

In addition, the resort living (leisure living) of Pavilion Premium owners is also completed by smart living – a smart lifestyle with standard Smart Home equipment.

Vibe fresh resort also continues to be extended thanks to the landscape system, valuable utilities with more than 100 rare utilities. Featured with Botanic Garden, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the tropical greenery of relaxation and freshness. Take a walk in the middle of Zenpark Japanese garden to feel the most balanced “still” or harmonize with the luxurious and vibrant resort atmosphere at Ocean View Square.

The appearance of Pavilion Premium is the perfect piece to complete the 5-star hotel-style living in the heart of Ocean District, the perfect place for the elite and professionals to “touch” the emotions of full enjoyment.

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