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The mistake is falling into a scandalous relationship

Hien Ho: “Mistake is falling into a scandalous relationship”

After a period of silence between rumors of dating a giant U60, Hien Ho officially spoke up. Specifically, the female singer shares exclusively with VTV News revolving around the noise of private life in the past time. Hien Ho also expressed his desire to publicly apologize for the incident that affected relatives and family and made the audience worried and disappointed.

Sharing about the reason for speaking out for the first time after a period of “hiding”, VTV News quoted Hien Ho: “My silence for the past several days is not because I intend to avoid it, I just want to respect the privacy of all those involved. More than when the incident started. When it first happened, I was too depressed and in a mental crisis. Until now, I have temporarily calmed down and stabilized my mind to be able to speak my mind.”

Hien Ho apologizes for the noisy private life after the

Hien Ho apologizes for the noisy private life after the “hidden” period: The mistake was falling into a scandalous relationship. (Photo: FBNV)

The female singer also shared, “The crux of the problem is my mistake when I let myself fall into a scandalous relationship. Now, I have to face and suffer. The surrounding information around, whether it’s right or wrong, the explanation doesn’t matter anymore. I apologize for myself and sincerely apologize to everyone who has been affected by this, sorry to the audience. , who know and love Hien Ho. I look forward to everyone’s understanding and tolerance”, the female singer expressed.

Before that, Hien Ho was entangled in rumors of loving a giant at the age of U60. The proof is some vocal images Then the loved one turns into a stranger The strange man’s side was spread on social networks, causing fans to stir. In addition to the context of Hien Ho wearing a pink Ao Dai, which is said to be on New Year’s Eve with the “other half”, the image of the singer appearing on the golf course with a strange man in October 2020 was also shared by netizens. shall.

In the face of conflicting discussions about love affairs, Hien Ho kept silent. Hien Ho’s fan page and personal page have also “disappeared” amidst the noise, she is the female lead in the photos taken with Mr. Ho Nhan. Responding to the press about the images being spread on social networks, this giant confirmed that the two are just cousins.

Hien Ho apologizes for the noisy private life after the

Hien Ho had the first share about emotional noise that caused a stir in public opinion over the past time. (Photo: FBNV)

Who is singer Hien Ho?

Hien Ho Her real name is Ho Thi Hien, born on February 26, 1997 in Dak Lak. She attracted the attention of fans when she was a member of Toc Tien team and won the runner-up prize of The Voice 2017. Hien Ho is considered as a real singer, she has also been a favorite guest in many games. show, music stage, television.

The female singer pursues ballad music with lyrical melody and profound lyrics. In 2018, Hien Ho was named in the “New Artist of the Year” category at the 2018 Zing Music Awards. Up to now, the female singer has continuously released many hit songs such as: Don’t say I’m crazy, Marry me, Can’t get away, Yes or no, Meet but don’t stay, Left right right left…

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