three seasons of cultivating artificial intelligence talents

FPT Software AI Residency is a two-year training program to nurture and develop young talents in the fields of AI and machine learning, initiated by FPT Software AI Director Nguyen Xuan Phong and accompanied by leading professors at FPT Software. AI Institute Mila. The program provides a professional and high-class research environment according to the operating model of the world’s top research laboratories.

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AI Residency (FPT Software) members for the first two seasons

In the third round of enrollment, AI Residency continues to offer a variety of activities and competitive benefits to attendees. After passing two rounds of selection, PhD students will be able to directly research with scientists from leading research laboratories and universities in the world such as FPT Corporation, Mila Institute, University of California (USA). , University of Arkansas (USA), University of Liverpool (UK), University of Warwick (UK),…

With diverse and highly practical research topics such as Deep Learning Geometry, Speech Processing, Model Compression, Computer Vision,… PhD students can practice a professional, self-contained process. from proposing ideas, designing and implementing experiments to presenting research works at prestigious conferences. This is the luggage for AI talents to continue to advance to graduate school and develop their careers.

Besides being guided 1:1 with experts, AI Residency PhD students also have the opportunity to do internships at major research institutes. In fact, the program currently has four members who are working directly for professors at the Mila Research Institute, and two members are accepted to do internships at universities in Europe and the US.

Within just one year of operation, with 41 members under the guidance of 13 experts, AI Residency had a research paper that was accepted into the GTRL (Geometric and Structural Representation) Workshop of ICLR 2022 ( International Conference on Performing Machine Learning). ICLR is the most influential conference globally on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, the program also brings nine scientific papers to the world’s leading AI and machine learning conferences such as ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning), IJCAI (International Combined Conference on AI), ECCV , NAACL, ECML,…

Director Nguyen Xuan Phong said that young Vietnamese people are smart, capable and hardworking, and should have the opportunity to develop and realize their ideas right here in Vietnam. AI Residency is built to contribute to realizing the dream of bringing AI Vietnam to the world.

AI Residency: three seasons of nurturing artificial intelligence talents - Photo 2.

Nguyen Van Tuc – member of AI Residency (FPT Software)

Sharing after a year of research, Nguyen Van Tuc – the author of the paper admitted to the ICRL 2022 GTRL Conference said: “The program helps me supplement and strengthen my knowledge and research skills. Enthusiastically guide and accompany from orientation to finding solutions, with the spirit of always being ready to update new knowledge.In the near future, I plan to publish more articles to prepare my resume to go on. academic path.”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the technologies that are at the center of the world’s attention. The AI ​​industry will receive $93.5 billion in global private-sector investment in 2021 as reported by Stanford University and AI Index, as well as the growing AI industry research sector with 334,500 scientific articles. published in the period 2020 – 2021. Therefore, programs like AI Residency act as a bridge, opening opportunities for Vietnamese talents to access international intellectual elites.

With nearly 450 applications submitted in the last two seasons from both home and abroad, the number of experts attending increases year by year, AI Residency is increasingly attracting the attention of professionals and industry lovers. turmeric. The third AI Residency course will receive applications until the end of May 25, 2022. To find out detailed information, readers can visit here.

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