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Together with TopZone, Mobile World sets a target of 1 billion USD in revenue in 2023

On April 12, The Gioi Di Dong opened the largest TopZone store at 165 Khanh Hoi, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. With the APR model on an area of ​​265m2 and 16 product display tables, this becomes the largest and most advanced Apple authorized store in Vietnam today.

cua hang topzone apr dau tien tai tphcm voi khong gian sang trong chuan apple e9930faaab404ba196df4e1c58f046ee
The first TopZone APR store in Ho Chi Minh City with luxurious Apple standard space

This mono store meets APR (Apple Premium Reseller) standard – the retail model second only to Apple Stores with limited openings globally. Three months earlier, this retail chain also launched another APR at 498 Xa Dan, Dong Da district, Hanoi. Thus, The Gioi Di Dong is currently the only retailer that owns two Apple APR-certified mono stores in Vietnam.

In addition, up to now, TopZone has a total of 30 stores with AAR model (Apple Authorized Reseller) in 15 provinces and cities nationwide, ranking first in terms of Apple mono store size in Vietnam.

Doan Van Hieu Em – CEO of Mobile World Joint Stock Company, said that by the end of June, Mobile World will open a total of 50 TopZone stores, including independent AAR/APR stores and AAR-ordered stores. next to the Gioi Gioi/Dien May Xanh supermarkets.

ceo doan van hieu em phat bieu tai buoi khai truong cua hang topzone apr dau tien tai tphcm 17e038023ced4f94995d23c2a017217b
CEO Doan Van Hieu Em speaks at the opening of the first TopZone APR store in Ho Chi Minh City

In the future, TopZone plans to expand to 200 stores, becoming the leader in the number of stores distributing genuine Apple products. If the plan comes to fruition, together with TopZone, Mobile World sets a target of 1 billion USD in revenue by 2023, accounting for at least 40% of Apple’s market share in Vietnam.

“Hopefully, in the near future, together with TopZone, it will contribute to changing the face of Vietnam’s technology retail industry, then Apple will see Vietnam as a tier 1 market like Singapore and some developed countries in the region”, shared Mr. Hieu Em.

If this happens, it will help Vietnamese consumers have the opportunity to own new iPhone products and other Apple devices at the same time as the US, Singapore and many other developed countries because currently new products of Apple’s official sale in Vietnam will usually be about 1-2 months later than countries classified as tier-1 markets.

Apple’s consideration of putting Vietnam on par with developed markets is something that can be expected because in the revenue report before investors last September, Tim Cook – Apple CEO said in the financial year 2021. , Apple derives nearly a third of its revenue from emerging markets, and doubles its business in India and Vietnam…

ifan trai nghiem phu kien chinh hang apple tai topzone 279dce6477a24f4a88a9c9e034cecc6a
iFan experiences genuine Apple accessories at TopZone

Other retailers in Vietnam have the same opinion. Accordingly, in the last two years, genuine Apple sales have been constantly increasing in Vietnam, partly thanks to the close cooperation between Apple and its partners, plus the Apple product ecosystem is becoming more and more accepted. .

“Apple’s positive sales are evident at large units like TopZone. Specifically, after being on the market, from October 2021, each TopZone store brings in an average revenue of 6-8 billion VND/month for the AAR model and 10-15 billion VND/month for the AAR model. model APR, under normal sales conditions after the grand opening and after the spike when Apple launches a new product. TopZone is expected to be a new growth engine from 2022 onward for Mobile World,” shared Mr. Hieu Em.

hoa hau tieu vy va hoa hau luong thuy linh tai buoi khai truong topzone apr khanh hoi a9064feb0c0c42628c4b311275baa1da
Miss Tieu Vy and Miss Luong Thuy Linh at the opening ceremony of TopZone APR Khanh Hoi

Mr. Hieu Em shared” “I believe that what you see with your own eyes today will feel the unimaginable about the most modern retail model in Vietnam that TopZone brings. And it doesn’t stop there. , we will continue to upgrade and constantly expand the number of stores to be able to serve more Apple fans.” Mr. Hieu Em also forecasted that the revenue could reach 5 billion dong on the opening day and 20-25 billion dong in the first month.

The efforts to expand the market by retailers like TopZone and Apple’s increasing interest in the Vietnamese market are the basis for hoping that this market will be upgraded to a par with developed countries in the region.

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