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Toyota Vios chasing Hyundai Accent

Vios used to make competitors run after in terms of sales, but now it’s the opposite.

Despite selling more than competitors for the past two months in a row, accumulated since the beginning of the year, Vios is still in a position to chase Korean rival, Accent. Car model of Hyundai achieved sales of more than 5,400 vehicles, continued to dominate BRIDGE sedan segment. While Vios ranked second, reaching more than 4,800 vehicles.

After 7 years of maintaining the number one position in the segment, Toyota Vios was surpassed by Hyundai Accent in 2021. After the first quarter of 2022, the situation remains unchanged. Vios used to be in the top position, always making competitors run after in terms of sales, now it’s the opposite – chasing and aiming to surpass the opponent.

The gap between Accent and Vios is very close, only 25 units in the whole of 2021 and nearly 600 units in the first quarter of 2022. The ability to reverse the current of Toyota sedans is therefore not unrealistic. The average monthly sales of Vios in 2020 is 2,500 vehicles and decreases to 1,660 vehicles in 2021. With Accent is about 1,730 vehicles/month in 2020 and 1,660 vehicles in 2021.

Accent rolls in Ninh Binh.  Photo: TC Motor

Accent rolls in Ninh Binh. Image: TC Motor

City is the model closest to sales with Accent and Vios. This is also the main car model of Honda’s motobike in the past two years when the CR-V’s attractiveness has somewhat decreased when switching from import to domestic assembly. Honda City sold more than 4,200 cars after the first quarter, twice as many as the second-ranked competitor Mitsubishi Attrage.

The B-size sedan segment in Vietnam is divided into two product groups with different sizes and sales. Accent, Vios, City are true B-size cars, best-selling. The rest is Attrage, Soluto and Mazda2B-size cars, low sales.

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