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Trends of choosing to buy a car of modern women

Shaping your personal style

Aesthetic factors play an important role when customers choose a car, especially women. For women, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a “fashion accessory” that helps women feel confident when stepping out on the street. Investing in a luxurious design style, emphasizing fashion and compact elements not only helps Yamaha Grande make a difference but also becomes a trend of choice for modern women. In particular, bringing a variety of bright, fresh color options is also a factor that helps this model win the hearts of women.

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Flexibility in the city

With common situations such as stopping and pulling the car out of the parking lot, the light weight will help you operate more flexibly and easily. The scooter models in the same segment may have similar dimensions but the weight will be different. Yamaha Grande is creating an advantage when owning a light weight of only 99kg to help increase flexibility when moving in the city. Therefore, driving the car in the parking lot or driving the car to the sidewalk every time shopping is no longer an obstacle for women.

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Safety support systems

In addition to its modern design and eye-catching colors, in order to optimize the user experience, the Yamaha Grande possesses many outstanding amenities in the segment. Especially for women, the more assistive technology the car has, the better. The model has front disc brakes with ABS. The front ABS brake is essential to enhance the stable driving experience on the vehicle when encountering situations such as controlling the vehicle on slippery roads, braking sharply or handling braking when cornering.

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As a mid-range scooter model, the Grande is also equipped with many modern facilities by Yamaha that impress many users. For example, the LED lighting system with 2-stage designed headlights and good reflectors ensures brightness both at far and near projection. Smartkey smart lock system with rotary knob can perform many functions: Turn on / off the electric lock, start / stop the start, open / lock the car neck, open the saddle, open the fuel tank cover, activate when the holder The key is in the allowed range. The electronic clock face uses new TFT technology for good color visibility, making it easy for the driver to observe the vehicle’s condition: speed, fuel quantity, speed…

Optimal fuel economy

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Yamaha Grande is the No. 1 gas-saving scooter model in Vietnam with a consumption rate of only 1.69 liters per 100km, according to statistics and analysis published by the Vietnam Register and confirmed by Traffic Newspaper.

Traffic jams and traffic jams are one of the concerns when traveling in the city, especially during rush hour. Therefore, a car with a compact, fuel-efficient design is also a priority for women when choosing a car. Without using conventional water or wind cooling systems, the Blue Core engine equipped on Yamaha scooters is cooled by air through a high-performance fan system, providing effective cooling. better. Besides, with the integration of FI electronic fuel injection technology and many other adjustments, the Blue Core engine brings incredible fuel economy to the car. Thanks to the maximum fuel efficiency, the Blue Core engine helps Yamaha Grande reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%, effectively saving costs for users.

In the scooter segment with a price tag of about VND 50 million, Yamaha Grande is the ideal choice thanks to its design that emphasizes urban flexibility, ease of use and optimal fuel economy in all operating conditions. .

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