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Truong Dinh and his wife had 96 properties confiscated

Authorities are announcing the punishments for Truong Dinh – Lam Thoai Duong after months of investigation. They were concluded multi-level business, illegal profiteering.

April 19, People’s Daily newspaper reported that 96 properties in the name of Darwin, owned by husband and wife Truong Dinh – Lam Thoai Duong, were confiscated by the Shanghai court.

These properties were purchased by Darwin in 2020, with a total value of 1.7 billion yuan (more than 266 million USD). This is the largest confiscated property of the two star of Taiwan.

According to People’s Daily newspaperThe property was confiscated to serve the investigation and to compensate for the loss of tens of thousands of people because of the multi-level business model of Truong Dinh – Lam Thoai Duong.

Truong Dinh and his wife had 96 properties confiscated
The multi-level business network across China of Truong Dinh – Lam Thoai Duong is being dismantled and handled by the police.

On April 9, the Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration of Baokang District, Hubei Province concluded that the actor and his wife Legendary Martial Artist engage in deceptive business practices and gain illegal profits.

They confiscated 19.2 million yuan ($3 million), and received a fine of 1.7 million yuan ($267,000). The Hubei provincial authorities also asked TST Court Secret to stop operating the multi-level business.

Presently, Truong Dinh – Lam Thoai Duong also faces an investigation from the Market Supervision Administration Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Beijing. At the end of 2021, both artists were frozen 600 million yuan (94 million USD) by the authorities.

The company under their name in the capital is accused of taking advantage of financial institutions to transfer or conceal illegal funds, showing signs of illegal multi-level business with nearly 10 million participants.

Consecutive punishments were announced showing that Truong Dinh – Lam Thoai Duong got rich illegally, although they repeatedly denied it.

Currently, products manufactured and distributed by Truong Dinh company have been removed from major e-commerce platforms in China such as Tmall, Taobao, JD. The two stars were also blocked from speaking on social media platforms.

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