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US pledges not to test anti-satellite missiles

Vice President of the United States of America Kamala Harris announced a commitment not to test anti-satellite missiles and urged countries to follow suit, following Russia’s test last year.

During a visit to Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on April 18, Vice President Kamala Harris announced a US ban on testing direct-launched anti-satellite missiles.

The US pledges not to test anti-satellite missiles - Photo 1

Vice President Kamala Harris at the Vandenberg base on April 18


This is the first time a country has made such a commitment. Sheet The Hill reported that US administration officials hope policy This will become international practice because testing anti-satellite missile is one of the most pressing threats to the security and stability of space.

Harris, chair of the National Space Council, in December asked the National Security Council to work with government agencies to come up with proposals for a security code in space.

The US government believes that reducing missile tests in space will reduce the risk of conflict in this area and prevent debris from causing environmental impacts, affecting exploration activities.

In November 2021, Russia test launch of a rocket that destroys an old satellite in space. The explosion produced at least 1,500 traceable fragments and hundreds of thousands of smaller pieces.

US condemns Russia’s anti-satellite missile test

The test provoked a reaction from US officials and congressmen, who said that satellite debris could pose a danger to astronauts and others. satellite other. According to the White House, China also conducted a similar test in 2007.

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